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  • did you get your modem sorted?
  • See you tomorrow evening then! And don't be daft with the sorry stuff, you've spurred me to get further with packing tonight than I would have got otherwise. So I'll see you about seven tomorrow night.

    Also, would it be useful for me to pick up from barnstaple on weds?

    and **nugs**
  • Poor old girl, I'm sorry she's uncomfortable.

    Let me make sure I have this straight; sunday evening; tuesday and wednesday for 12.30.

    I can do those, probably better if I aim for fiveish on tuesday. Unless the weather forecast is better in the morning.

    Should I ring before leaving on sunday for a weather check, or just come along presuming the weather will be some sort of different to when I leave here?

    don't forget to look after yourself a bit too ***double nugs***
  • in fact if you have the energy, several evening walks would be a privelage. Would be no problem on the monday of moving either, as I have 3 days off to get it done and current landlord isn't like my previous in terms of rush to get stuff moved out.
  • I can come over *any* evening for a walk - if you want to get several in that isn't a problem. Can get to you for 7/730.

  • Thank you! For understanding exactly where i am right now...Going to docs in a short while ..think i'm going on happy pills for a while until i can think straight.

    much love to you ...xxxx
  • M, I fucking love you!
  • going from your post about bad writers and book reviewers, here's what was the start of a novel for my course. reading it now I hate it and it was definitely influenced by my tutor being a druidy type of a certain age.

    is it worth the £7 to enter it to a competition, or should I try some flash fiction? although in two days, I doubt I'll manage anything much apart from procrastinating some more ;)
    bollocks, I can't insert the file :( any chance I could email it to you?
  • heya, I'm back.

    Did things get sorted with the TV moving?
  • Thanks for the offer of space, but I think we'll only be able to get my stuff out when we get her out ;) and well, is just suff in the end. I think any corrosive chicken shit will have done it's damage by now.

    But if you get it, you'll have plenty of rooms not to go in ;) and room for stan to visit maybe?

    I know Barnstaple high st on foot, I'll manage.

    will be sending super good vibes your way tomorrow - already heard vik and jim have a place today, after having a nearly 15 boy and nearly 16 girl sharing for the last year and Ro's friend's mum's cancer tests came back negative - you *Should* be good news number three!

    (fingers crossed smiley!)

    ps delete some PMs!
  • glad you liked them and they fit! is shit being cold xxxxxxxx
  • I'll have you know it's miss lazy, not miss popular! :)
  • hey lovley have sent a parcel to you hope it arrived okxxx
  • just me that does the 'the whole world and his [I]wife [/I]are letting me down *wail*' whenever something goes wrong then :)
    You take care lovely xx'
  • Ah, no, that post wasn't about you lovely. Just having a bit of a rough time lately.
    Will chat soon. :)
  • it is ok, i was just checking to be sure you were fairing well. :)
  • hope you are doing ok today.
    lots of thoughts being sent your way! :)
  • hello, good to see you on here

    I'm in devon now . . . although I still have a houseful of stuff to set fire to in somerset.

    any luck with the funding? do you still want some searching done? I finally have more time, no work etc now.

    much love
  • empty your inbox! i had an email all ready to send and i cant..:(
  • I so wish i lived would never be on your own, and i`d take you out consolation i know, but thats how i feel....

    I`m living a very isolated life, but yes, i thank my stars that i have reasonable health...
  • Hello M,

    I hope you get some results from the solicitor on monday.

    I've been looking on the net, but not found much so far. Am going to try and phone some disability helplines tomorrow, as they might be more able to point us in the right direction for who to prod on your behalf.

    Have you found who the psych in Exeter is?
    My friend is willing to ask his psycholgist friend, but would feel more able to, if he knew who had diagnosed you and what the condition is. Otherwise it feels kind of vague, as they'll be the questions that get fired back at him.

    I understand that you don't feel comfortable sharing the diagnosis, but also see why to discuss it with a "professional" would be easier with some idea what it is.

    Anyway, I hope this week improves for you and you get the bus moved and a burner lit. Will have a look round the charity shops for some warm comfy trousers tomorrow.

    with love Claire
  • thought I'd better drop in and let ya know I'm thinking of you x
  • Lots of love to you, M x
  • Thanks :)
  • Thanks:) Well, i think life got as shit as it was gonna get and i was deep in the pit of despair...but that trampoline i put in there a few years back worked! yay.... now I`m feeling much brighter...still got money stuff to sort but i think it will all fall into place eventually..
    I just wish the benefits agency spoke english! lol
  • just popped in to say hi! Hi! x
  • :five: :P
  • Just wanted to applaud your post on the cannabis thread. Hear, hear!:clap:
  • You are a very strong and inspiring person x
  • thinking of you...sorry that life`s so damn shite just now, it appears to be catching. I hope you`re feeling a little calmer now.x