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  • Same here mate! Roll on May Day!! :D
  • Hello you! Thanks for posting that clip on the police brutality thread... :D
  • elloooor....fancy seein yoo here :) i used to be a member on ere yearrs ago and just decided to come back :D i like yer pic...that used to be mah background on myspace.... yes i has a myspace :o arr
    good to see yoo too suga lips :D
    hows teh spirals for ya?
  • hi there, how r u? been up to much recently?


  • Oooh, happy belated bithday m'lady!!

    And congrats on the ring! ;)

  • Tis all around, for thems that know how to look ;)
  • wow wonderful shots

    mels the same anything that flutters flaps scuttles and she is of

    really blows me away the beauty so close by
  • always good to meet happy positive people

    lots of love andy & mel the daft hermits

    one of my wee pics

  • haha!!! yea i luv that top 2. got it from a fest called strawberry fair in cambridge. All hippys shud ave 1!!!!! :thumbup:
  • Very sorry but it's 7pm not 7.30pm sorry about that.
  • Hey Shazaaym, I know u shouldnt judge a book by its cover but ur pic attracted me! luv it!!! :) peace! xxx