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  • Hello cricket, i won't be emigrating anywhere, and i did reply. I said 'no problem, take care'.
    Thank you for your message. X
  • hi,i geuss you have not emigrated yet then to the other side?I havent read my wall if you replied as i am unable to access my account at present.But here on view to all is my apology for getting it wrong that you posted you had loads of loot given to you,when clearly, reading back through your posts,because i actually have honour,you did not say that.Reading back though,presuming Paul has not deleted anything,what is clear is when the aggro started and it actually started with Pyke13, when he came to stay with you and his dog fly chased deer.You said that the dog was a chaser and should of been kept leaded.If you queried his dog keeping and maybe?refused his advances?that may explain why he seems to have a vitreol campaign against you.Vanwoman wanted her thread kept intact hence new site as ukh threatened with closure several times.Languid Virago and Zendaze relate differently so ignore that.You took snails to a wood.I did that too then worried about their distress being in a strange place.Sorry.x
    • I've been thinking about the snails! Maybe they were a bit stressed, but i did my best to keep them in the shade and out of sight before releasing them into the wood.
      I don't think it was too strange though, the only difference was it was more safe!
  • i have been going back through many not usually wrong.Maybe was said ironically for a piss take that you not have to wor k now you have lot money etc.i cannot be bothered trying to be sociable and making any more effort.i have other people here in my life to tend and dont have time nor inclination anymore to try and sort out meaningless stuff with a stranger online.Goodbye.goodluck.
  • I am sad and pissed off that the one having hospitality has dissed and learn hey.You are a very annoying person as you have openly stated you received a large inheritance so no job needed,have a very groovy van.come and go all over as you wish.Instant envy from others who are struggling to get by.A bit highly strung,ha ha,As the new one in the playground you were bound to be a scapegoat,that is always the case.It is not about you just social dynamics.You havent driven anyone off.Its a big site ,people can block etc.Get another thread going on cat appreciation or something.Theres more mileage in that than a fanny.x
  • Isn't life hellish? I have a short time to explain myself. I've decided not to do this. They will ruin my life, as i will theirs. Fuck it! Lets do this!!! Yeeeeeeehaaaaa!
  • Thank you Cobra ?
  • Have a safe trip back home!xox
  • Have the cats ever brought back snakes they’ve killed?
    • No AW! They never brought back anything (at least they didn't when i was there!), because they knew not to! But my ex is more lenient now i'm gone, and it pisses me off a wee bit! They will get a shock when 'mummy' comes back in March!

    I hope this works! My ex sent it to me. We used to take the cats for a walk at least once a week. Only Squirrel is missing. The black & white is Lola. The pure white is Asproula. The ginger is Valdani, and the fat one is Sensi.