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  • [FONT=&amp]just stop talking shite[/FONT][FONT=&amp][/FONT]
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  • Just hit it all too hard with too big a taking up my toffee hammer now and promise to tap gently, make tiny pieces and suck them very slowly......then might you be my friend again Harry, just my friend is good enough, in fact more than enough...a good friend is a real priviledge x
  • just realised angry and pissed doesn't do it for people...........time to get a grip...
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  • yeah, no more stupid girl:
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  • hey dude, I can bake just like you like (old school) xxx
  • had to remove this it was to cloying
  • had to remove this too - to heavy and cloying
  • obviously the baby making remarks are no longer and in fact have never have been on my agenda, but some of the songs are pretty groovy:

  • fucking amazing place - could ha spent a fortune, but just a few metres of lovely cotton linen for us to dye and paint - and this fab digitalprint - just yummy xxxxxx lovelly trip babe - beautiful day xxxx

  • Yesterday was such a mixed up day...sunshine and showers.

    A 2 hour heavy duty interrogation with an equity release company and my OH - going through all the shit one never likes to look at, financials, death, power of attorney, wills, health, estimated lifespans, interest rates - ah well.....sod the lot of it - life really could be so short, already on borrowed we will roll with it :) jury still out on absolutely everything - but sometimes we need shaking up I reckon........onwards and sideways x
  • Oh and another little note.........I was never really into being a girl.....always felt like I'd been given the short straw and not much access to real life.......I fucking refused to be pretty and a plaything. But dude, you make me want sexy underwear, you put a key in the lock and I want to be woman........pretty groovy energy man, and deep breathing is gorgeous. Got my vanilla and sandalwood thighs with rose top notes between my breasts, ylang ylang behind my ears and fennel on the soles of my feet. It might be a fleeting thing, a few moments of bliss, a glimpse of the hereafter - but I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China xxx
  • Too personal, could have been seen as a betrayal of confidences ..... me and my big mouth xxx
  • just re-discovered the power of nipples........hey baby........sucking is groovy, takes you back to being really loved by big mama - before all the bad shit happens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank the heavens and the whole multiverse for moments of bliss, like this xxx
    Death is definitely not the end :hippy2::hippy:
  • Hey RJ you're beautiful to me: [URL][/URL]
  • Have just got the old shed back.......tired old lady but she has passed for another year...........yaaaaaaaaay - she might be old but she can motor.....and now she got her brakes back, giving it some stick aint going to be so scary. Boy do I love speed ..............and I'm an absolute fucking amateur. OH just pissed with me cos I aint got the bill yet......but Mulloys let me take the car so I can get to BRI tomorrow and will do the coil spring after..........thank fuck for real Irish celtic humans heaven love em cause they know how the deal goes down xxxxxxxx
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  • So after yesterday I decide I've had enough of the control mechanism - and I address "family" direct (something that I have been banned from doing for years, like Bluebeards Room, thou shalt not find out who your husband really is)........interesting what comes back, not at all what I was led up the garden path to believe:
    Hi Jenn,

    You certainly aren’t persona non grata with us. Joanne wasn’t upset at all. We realise that you’re a passionate person with strong opinions and that’s fine, so please don’t worry about us!

    As you know I have had my own issues with depression and I find counselling very helpful. I am about to try the new NHS service ‘Healthy Minds’: [URL=""][/URL] - perhaps you should have a look too?

    Take care,

    Simon & Joanne x
  • and again.....just heaven xxx
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  • Monday morning 10:10 just got such a blast of longing for you man.........heavy duty megawatts through my circuits....groovy groovy groovy xxxxxxxx
  • loving you man
  • Note to self: don't be such a cunt ! yep, I can be good company, I can be a fucking nightmare......but I'm exploring the territory...............maybe I can climb up to the next level where the polarity disappears......cause I don't like this space much.........just saying thankyou to supposed friends and supposed enemies alike.......y'all important to me and valued xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • and yes, still pissed (life without alcohol and the "bottle" it gives you, to say what you really feel, out of the nice.tidy.well behaved.agreeing with the status quo.towing the party line) and real glad to be so and for which I'm no longer apologising ! Just a little note to Wandering Gypsy...........diamond day dude, you got the "force" xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • this one because I'm missing being at Dovedale (and a little fucking blue at plans gone awry) ...... so it's a little dreaming tune to bring me back my smiles : [url][/url]