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  • i lost both legs last year, and your moaning about a pic send me a reply.
  • ive found the pic.ribble head FREE FESTIVAL hope you asked all the peeps in there buses and trucks if you could put them on your personal site,did you take the pic must have been a hard slog.i know ive been up there.looking at your site you like to sit on your arse supping tea,gongorde the free .
  • hippy dave did not know i needed any permission to put any pics that i like, on this site. Please let me know the pic that you are upset about. Please reply Gongorde the confused.
  • Hi HD sorry for such a slow/late reply...not been here for ages. I'd /we'd be chuffed and delighted for you to post a pic of our snowy 609 on your wonderful website. Please go ahead and once you've done that, please let us know so we can show it off to all our friends! Hope you the autumn is good to you and that you stay cosy this winter.
  • THe Old AEC was cut up in 1987... we moved it one night out of a field and parked it next to a barn, switched it off, light the stove and sat and drank tea all night etc, went to bed then woke inthe morning to the coldest day that winter and the cold had split the engine open.. was going to cost too much to repair and also lack off replacement engine in west wale.. so we cut it up for scrap and turned the upstairs into a green house... sadly long gone...
  • hiya ,, no prob,, you can use the photos of my old bus.. Bella ventura...'Bella' the photo with scenic background was in Spain (look into the background and you'll se the rock of Gibrater) took her into some mad places. The other photos of her were at Nick Turners farm in Wales and at a festival somewhere... Sadly long gone,,, who knows what happened to her,, maybe still chuggin somewhere.... stay safe.... YOU CANT KILL THE SPIRIT.. :)
  • Yea no problem Dave i will try and sort some out for you matey.