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  • happy birthday, love your hair x
  • Glad you had a good time travelling Danni :) I'd love to go to Thailand!! Shame about the mushrooms, that would of been great if it'd had worked! I'm travelling on my own and cant wait, I think it'll be really good for me :) Totally agree about your feelings on laying on beeches, I get bored of that so fast and burn really easily! When are you back at uni then? is it you second or third year? xx
  • Glad you're well :) How were you're travels? Oh yes the long summer holidays to waste away, they go on a bit don't they? I'm doing well thanks, finished uni and brought a van that I have been converting and hopefully will be moving into it on Monday then doing a bit of traveling around the UK and Europe, depending on funds :S. How did you're mushroom growing work out? Take care x
  • Hey Danni, Hows it going? Are you still on your travels?
  • Awww thank you :) It's a painting by Josephine Wall, she's amazing


  • Yes they are, Ithink my dad looks at my wanting land as a joint venture as he is into breeding very endanered birds and hopefully reintroduicing them back into the wider public keeping them, as some of them, I would not know why they are getting rarer...Because one of the species he is breeding are so nice, friendly and they are meant to live upto 10 years or more! Which is something to say as our 2 year old rescue chickens are slowly lowering the amount they lay, and they were rescued because battery farms only use them for the first so many weeks due to there reduction in egg laying...But the ones my dad is breeding they last like I said ten years! I have some called old english game, they are meant to be quite hardy birds :) Anyhow, I will stop boring you with talks of chickens =P

    It is a real divide because I love home for the greeness and all my animals! But then my friends are all in nottingham so its quite a divide and a tug of war of sorts =/ What worries me is that after my final year, I will return home, if I dont get a job in nottingham and again I will loose contact with all my friends once again, and it really hurt loosing the first lot, but gah...Its life I guess....

    Whats your aim at the end of your course? Im guessing working with wildlife and things like the national trust ect? Should be fun, if you choose to go that route....

    Ah wow, thats quite a long time to have them! Ionce when I was about 16 considered dreads but I dont think they would suit me, I think I shall stick to my beard ;)

    How long do you have off uni? And how come you have not had your results back? I got mine back agessssss ago, but our department does seem to be quite good with exams reult returns....

  • Yeah its my dad who sort of started it, and he is very very much like me, to much at times xD....But its so much better growing your own stuff, I mean the cakes and stuff what you use eggs for are totally different and taste much better then shop bought ones, because you feed the chickens good natural stuff :)

    I am at home at the moment, only because no one is in nottingham in the summer, though I am looking for a job here and in nottingham, so knowing me I will end up in nottingham by myself, if I get a job...

    My parents and 'home' is back in yorkshire, near york :) Its good to be home, so much more greener and fresher then the concreate jungle.... But its annoying as most of my friends have permanantly moved to there uni city, leaving no one at home, not really at summer either, which sucks and means I have somewhat grown apart from them :(

    I know someone who wanted to do that at Hull Uni but they have cut that course for this year coming up, it sucks really, he is a big hippy and although he would be a mature student, I think he would have loved it.... Im guessing your course is really good and hands on?I did environmental sciene at a level and loved it and one of my friends went on to do that at uni, and is loving it, so im guessing environmental science it isnt much of a stones throw from conservation?

    In archaeology im looking possible to go into archaeological reconstruction and experimental archaeology, basically farming/building like they used to....

    Love the dreads by the way! :D

  • I must admit, I love to dress up as well :P My friends hate it though xD

    We have quite a large garden and half of it is dedicated to chickens now, and the other half is all a veggie patch, which is cool, I cant get enough of fresh lettice for some sarnies :)

    Well preferebly a job which I could reduce down to part time during Uni, but who knows, Ive applied for like 10 jobs now :(

    Yeah I go to uni, doing Archaeology at Nottingham University ^^ which is gooood, probably the subject with the most hippy lecturers ever =P

    Thailand sounds good, never been out of europe :( which sucks, but the only places I would really want to go, is India and China :)

    What do you do? Do you go to uni or work ect?

  • I randomly have a realistic frilly pirate shirt and trousers and the whole shebang :D Well got it from my dad who has weird friends and they go about galavanting on motorbikes dressed as pirates xD - Weird I know....

    We have to many now to have names, we started off with four chickens and they had names, and the got some more and more xD We have bunty, freya, bella, mrs maran, dracula, ginge, mr roo (r.i.p) and mr roo 2 (sold), we also have some which are going to hatch in two or three days I think! I also have some quail which are hatching soon ^^ So yea, our house has become somewhat of a farm at the moment!

    Just job hunting at the moment, if I can find a job then maybe I have some chance of going abroad sometime :D Also house sitting which I used to love it a few years back, now I just get bored and lonely :(

    Where are you going on your travels?

  • AHOY! Are you a pirate??? =P

    Im goooood :) trying to type with chicks running all over my laptop and typing is harder then it might seem xD

    What have you been upto? :)

  • :hug:morning flower! :sunflower looks like another beeeeautiful day :monster: have a sunny choon :flower: and enjoy the weekend whatever you're up to!:sun:xxx
  • You may have any hair product of your choice xxx
  • [COLOR=mediumturquoise]You know how much I think you make lovey things and are always kind to me -[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#48d1cc]Please vote Pink xxxx[/COLOR]
  • hey lovey have put a not on the thread, let me know how much you want and will paypal you and send address big big hugsxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey lovley hope you ok, thanks for you lovley comments on the thread!!! what have you still got left on your selling clothes thread?? rita (step daughter) would love the pink bag, blue dress and pixie cardigan? let me know if you still got them thanks Vxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Cool, thanks!
  • Hey, hope yer having a cool day. I almost forgot to ask you, have you got that picture of my eye? Think it might make a good screensaver pic or something :D
  • [SIZE=3][COLOR=seagreen]Really nice spending time with you Danni, looking forward to catching up at the next gathering x[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • Hey dude, glad you made it back ok, hope it wasn't too bad in London. Was really cool talking to you, hope I get to see ya again sometime!
  • Good to hear your well :) I'm very well thank you :) it's been ages :( had alot of stuff happening ;( so didn't have time for the online world :( but i'm back now and all better :D so glad to me back :)

  • Hello :) it's been a while, how are you? saw you where online :)

    Peace & Love
  • I was trying to work out whether it was that or you were caught mid-text :D
  • Ach not to bad... you know, busy, tired, that sort of thing... :D Always good to see you so cheerful!:angel:

    BTW, what are you holding there?
  • Love your new profile picture; makes you look like an angel! (with a folded wing) :D
  • Hi mate . The stamp collectings going ok mate so you should have a load in the post in July . Take care mate
  • Nice one, sounds like you've had a productive week :) What sort of stuff have you had to do for you're assignments? Yep, mixing coffee and cake is always a good plan :) I would send you a slice if I thought it would get there in one piece and within a day, but it's not likely hehe. It'll be the first festival I've worked at so it'll be a good experience and a good way of making friends as well :) I hadn't planned on going to any UKH meets, I still feel like a bit of a noobie on here, so not sure if I should or not, need to join in more i think :) x
  • Hey, hows you're reading week been? Did you get done all you wanted to get done? I've had a busy one and the weather isn't helping me get may data for my dissertation!! It's been snowing here all day so I've stayed in and am just about to take a vegan coffee cake out of the oven :) smells lovely :). Yeah I've got a couple planned, going to Glastonbury and sunrise so far and hopefully going to be working at shambala. I went there for the first time last year and thought it was a great festival! x
  • :sunflower :flower: :sunflower morning flower!:hug:have a :heart:ly day xxx
  • Oo, I was thinking about getting one of those mushroom box grower things, are they easy to get going? might be worth an investment :) Yep homegrown is defo better, nice to get outside and work the soil a bit! I have a elderly cat, he is 19 now and starting to show his age, we lost his mum last year, she was 21 and its strange without her, they become part of the family! How about you? I cant imagine not havin animals around me :)
    I was thinking about a darkish blue in a couple of them :) I might get round to it at some point! You doing any festivals this year, I can't wait for the summer to come and the festival season to start, winter is draging on a bit now!
  • Yep, managed to get one at the begining of 09 and I love it :) erm, I've just taken the last leeks and parsnips out (had roast parsnip with my dinner, Yum!) so there's nothing in there at the moment, just spent the day digging over the plot and sorting out some rasied beds :). Yeah I know what you mean, even cleaning the bins can seem more important when there is an assignment to do hehe. I work in a small pet supplies shop so I've got a few extra hours this week. They call our halfterm reading week as well, luckily I havent got to go in :) What colour are you dying your hair? I was thinking about dying a couple of my dreads, nosure if itwill hold though?!