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  • How are you and your gorgeous babies wulfie? Hope all is well :)
    • Still under the quack for my knee after Jnr bowled me but they are fine. Stopped with some friends at a hotel and stayed in the box (cheaper) with the kids. The assistant manageress, (van dweller there) and her boss both loved Jnr and ended up stroking him without him backing off. He's improved that way a lot but only to women. Now got to find one that looks past the pup.
    • Aw bless you. You will find one some day. :) glad you are okish otherwise
  • Happy Birthday Wulfie
  • Just came on to say i was disappointed I didn't get to give you a hug goodbye...... I guess you realise on the visitors messages, you can read other people's conversations.
    Ah well it was lovely to meet you and your beautiful dogs
  • Give it a wee bit time man! All will become clear! Clue - recent posts in some kind of who would you shag on forums thread
  • Hahaha! You poor soul!
  • Hi wulfie
    Thsnkyou , I don't seem to have the edit button ??, is that on the app? X
  • Thanks for that wee picture. I didnt want to respond in the thread because I made it very plain that I think the woman is a twat and wanted to leave it at that. Thanks for the support anyway.