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  • Wow, you live near Clacton! That's where I grew up. Haven't been since 2011, how is the old place?
    • Yeah fraid so. I have a park up on a little yard about 8 miles form Clacton. I've been there once, that was enough so dont know of its changed, I'm not from these parts, been here 4 years, I stay away from towns and cities and if I do go in its because it's necessary. Although I am pretty sure it wont have changed much as these type of places tend not to, might be looking more modernised but essentially the same.
    • I recommend a couple of places to visit - Wivenhoe Woods, Great Holland Pits Nature reserve. I thoroughly discourage you to visit Jaywick. Even if you think you have a good reason to go, don't.
    • Ah nice one Stu, I never seem to have tiome to go explore and havent done any of that since I've been here, just got too busy in the transition form full timing it on the road for the last 25 years to having a long term park up, plus creating workshop space and keepiong up running my little business. so a sit goes, lately, have really been missing woods and trees, so Wivenhoe woods sounds like I ought to go see as woods etc are a favourite place for me to go hang out, cheers for that and will look up great holland natire reserve. One thing I adore os gong to esturies pureloy to sit and listen to the wading birds. And yes, I have been advised (warned lol) about Jaywick.
    • The Naze at Walton sits next to an estuary also, and there is a nice nature reserve there too with plenty of birds to look at/listen to.

      Sounds like you are around...Great Bentley/Thorington maybe? Arseford (sic)?
  • Do you know if General Lighting from Tribal Living is posting anywhere these days? I want to ask him something.