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  • Hey hun,I am sorry to see that you and Jay are having a difference of opinion about your futures and I do hope that you can find a compromise that works for the pair of you. No matter what happens do keep hold of that friendship that you have as great friendships do not come along too many times in life.
    I have stayed best mates with my french ex from ten years ago and am so happy that we never lost that special connection between us.
    She wanted kids and it wasnt my thing so right from the start I told her that if she ever got the wanting to go out and do her child thing then she should do so whilst she can. After 7 years of no arguments that day came and albeit a bit tearfully I gave her my blessing to go and be happy,as if I did not then I could hardly call myself her best mate.
    If you can figure out a compromise and make things work that would be a great thing to do and I sincerely hope that you do manage to figure out a future that works for you both.

    Do not take any decisions lightly and make sure you both communicate well and do not hide your thoughts and feelings as this will just confuse an already confusing situation for you.

    Stay strong,be positive and make sure that you create a future where you are both happy.

    Love and light

    fly xxxx
    • Thank you IC :) you are a good person x
    • We love eachother very much and have the most amazing times together, he is the kinds, most selfless, loving person I’ve ever met and I’d be a fool to fuck things up because I Fantasise about us running away together, it’s not realistic, jays van wouldn’t fit me, him, 2 little girls, 3 dogs and a cat lol
      I just need to give my head a wobble sometimes and look at what I have got because I am VERY lucky :)
    • I good person indeed !!! A fucking great person is what I am ;)

      If you are ever having a wobble or even if Jay is, you are both welcome to email me on to have a rant or a chat and I will throw in any wisdom that I can to help.

      Stay positive

      Gotta dash as am on tea break.

      Love and light to you both

      fly xxxx
    • Thank you x
  • Happy birthday.
  • Hoppy Bathday laydee! hope you're having fun xxxxxx
  • Happy birthday darlin'. Hope whatever you do you have fun doing it. All my love x
  • hey honey, so lovely to see you n Jay -- thank fuck, mwah mwah and all that - me an Bigbear loved it :o) xxxx
  • Hey Lucy, tried to contact you 24th April, we were supposed to meet up ........ think I was texting and texting and ringing your old moby though - so I sat outside your place (parked on pavement) and no reply. Just tried what I think is your new number......aint ringing or answering :( you fallen out with me dude ? Just hope you are o.k., just please let me know you are alright n stuff.

    P.S. so much crap to shovel - aint on planet earth at the moment ..... think it might be that bastard Saturn again ..... keep on keeping on and all that. Lots of love, Jenn xxxxxx
  • Hi Lightbringer, Hagrid asked me to sally hello from him and if you want to say hi back he is now on as "Lonewolf" x
  • hope all goes well.u being bugged?x
  • Hi Lucy, did Dovedale really have a big effect on you? You came across to be at home with us lot in a field. You did say you were a little shy to be just visiting different camps/vehicles/groups, but it didn't show. Hope your on the crest of a good wave and happy.
  • Likewise it was lovely to meet you and all the others, shame it was only for a short time. The old girl wasn't happy you missed her, mind you Dog2 needs missing. There's always next year. :hippy3:
  • Likewise it was lovely to meet you and all the others, shame it was only for a short time. The old girl wasn't happy you missed her, mind you Dog2 needs missing. There's always next year. :hippy3: