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  • Did'nt we meet in a night of my sleep some were??? Or it might of been on flickr
  • i missed the kurt cobain doc:(
    how are you?
  • Thanks. It takes a lot of work and a fair bit of frustration to get good quality from the D50... a D700 is an awesome camera... strong - very important! If I was you I would get a D200 or a D300... they will take a lot longer to 'outgrow' than a D50... you would find yourself wanting more from it in 6 months... A D700 is a pro camera and unless you can justify the cash outlay it's a hell of a lot of camera for even a serious amateur - unless you are very rich!

    If I was you I would get a second hand, excellent condition D200 and battery grip and a few lenses and filters (Cir-Polarizing, Red filter for good B&W and a Neutral density) that way you would have enough money left to get a RAM upgrade for your PC (I have 4 gigs in mine - Important as you want a lightning quick PC to work fast and handle huge image files in RAW) or even a high end printer, especially a dye-sub as they print EXACTLY like true wet room prints. I use a little Canon Selphy and just love it to bits : )

    One thing people overlook is how amazing Nikon software is... I have used all sorts of software and cameras and the Nikon software is quite simply the most versatile and gives amazing results.

    Best of luck and let me know what you choose and how you get on : )
  • Thanks for your flickr link. You've managed to photograph some really interesting characters and subjects and I'm impressed with the quality of images from your Nikon D50. It makes me wonder if I really need to spend over a thousand pounds on the camera body alone or should go for a less expensive camera and spend the money on more expensive lenses. Decisions decisions...

    I thought I should see the cameras I'm interested in in the flesh so yesterday I had a look at the Nikon D700 in Jesops. It's quite a big, chunky camera and I'm not sure I want to lug that around with me. All the reviews I've read say that Nikon cameras handle well but it looked a bit cumbersome compared with the less expensive ones and I'm not sure I'd do justice to such an expensive piece of equipment anyway.
  • I agree :)
  • Thanks for all the great messages : )
  • Hi Jim, love your photos, especially the portraits :) Just a few questions for ya -what camera(s) do you use, how long have you been into photography, do you sell any of your pics?
  • [SIZE=1]You have some amazing photographs! Thought i'd show my appreciation[/SIZE] :)
  • Not at all. You're an artist. Gonna have a proper browse through now.
  • Wow - just visited your flickr page - simply stunning! You have a rare talent sir :)
  • bloody hell bud that is so kind of you

    i will get them up onto etsy
  • busy annoying everyone with messages ha ha

    this internet thingy is well good ha ha
  • aye


    will that do
  • that is so kind bud to offer your pics i am trying to sort maybe three really good pics and sell them on my etsy with the money going direct to Chas i thought the wee bird
  • You're so welcome Andy : )

    If you ever need any of my photos for anything just let me know and I will mail you Hi-res versions : )
  • wow mate thanks so much for that

    i am linking in with a couple up here called linda and bruce i hope to raise the £1,000,000 mel says i will do it as i dont give up when i go for something as important as this
  • you to bud and i hope you find your gloves
  • morning jim

    well cold here but stunning love that crisp air feeling

    not had one response in the chatterbox thread ah well

    have a brill day andy
  • Hi jim, i have posted a thread called Calling all hippies....your sister needs you. It may interest you, so just take a moment to look at it hun, oh and we may be able to get you there some how as i will come up the M11,A1(m) and on to melton mowbury, we could maybe pick you up on the way. Anyway take a look cheeers X
  • Hi Jim

    I have posted a thread in Chatterbox about a woman we met last night she is walking from John o groats to lands end in aid of cancer research totally un supported by backup vehicles etc
    it would be so cool if you could help either by linking her to your sites or even a wee donation

    thanks so much andy & mel xx
  • Ahh! That explains it, a Northern Inuit. I've never seen one of those in the flesh. I've just seen your other amazing photos, I particularly love the ones of the horses and the one of the shadows of yourself and Sura. :)
  • :D No worries just saying it as I see it! Have a good one.
  • Hello! Howe are you? Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how amazing I think your photos are! :waves:
  • You're welcome, she really is a gorgeous dog, great photos too. She looks like a German Shepherd Husky cross, is that right? I love dogs, I grew up with an Irish Wolfhound :)
  • Hi JIm

    hows you and sura

    we are back travelling again

    all the best bud
  • WOW! What a beautiful dog!!!