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  • Dan, I read on a thread somewhere...I think!....but can't remember where... that you are setting up an eco village in Bristol... is this true?! Tell me more if it is!! x
  • [COLOR=magenta]Vote Pink Dan x[/COLOR]
  • Well, not too giant, but when he's all done he may be about the same height as me. But Spring is here!! I've been outisde in the lovely sun all week!
  • I'm grand ta, thanks for asking :) just came back to my mums house to use the internet and to have a shower, i'll be on my way back home shortly to finish making a giant caterpillar! haha. what you been up to?
  • I must of picked a good'n then! How are you lovely?
  • thanks for letting me know about that but I'm up to my eyeballs in uni assignments at the minute so no playtime for me :(
  • sounds like a good outlook to have on life, still working on getting in a more positive mindset but ah well, theres still time! spring couldn't come sooner if you ask me, i cant wait to get outside without freezing!
  • i'm alright, stuck in college at the moment, wishing i could be out in that sun thats come out of nowhere.
    so hows life treating you?
  • hello there lovely! how be thee?
  • Im good thanks :)
  • Hello to you to! how are you?
  • Didn't realise you thought it was anything more than banter. If you don't like it just say so. If you retaliate it gives the impression that you don't mind and want it to continue. All you have to say is "I don't apreciate that comment, Boz, please don't say things like that to me again" and I'll say "sorry man, wont do it again". When you start replying with insults and baisically being a dick then you wont like how people treat you.
  • There's a video here: [url]http://vimeo.com/3298790[/url]

    I know the Rage campaign annoyed you but I still do reckon it was a good step. Funny you mentioned boycotting as I'm going to be writing to the group's creator to suggest a boycott next year. I'll be posting on this site about that soon enough Maybe that will annoy you less?
  • Hey Dan, sure, we seem to have similar views on things. It would be a pleasure. I'll be off in March though and gone for at least a month.. Traveling to Slovenia.. So either before that, or after April, I'd be here.. Give me a shout whenever it is! Take care..
  • [COLOR=Green]:hug: [FONT=Impact][SIZE=3]morning lovely![IMG]http://www.ukhippy.com/forums/images/smilies/cheerleader%5B1%5D.gif[/IMG]woohoo! normal service has been resumed (for the time being....this could be a fluke...) have a brill day and remember to wrap up - 'sabit chilly out there!!! :xcoolsnow xxx[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
  • Hey - you're back - woohoo!!! xxx
  • Hey babe - doesn't look like I can PM you - look love, try to calm down. You've made the same sort of mistake that I do with these things - you've been too damn honest. I do it all the time. Look how my body piercing thread got shut down! For what it's worth, and I know that isn't much, it sounds like you are working through some hoopy shit in the best way that you know and I expect it will work out for the best eventually. The main problem you have, I think, is that you're too gorgeous and that makes it tough for you. You did ask for advice - maybe that was a bad idea? Anyway, babe, if you are gonna leave, look me up if you're in Glasto, yeah?
    Am xx
  • OK! Anyway, you know Glastonbury do you?
  • Certainly wastes a lot of time! So are you a bit OCD then?
  • So what's this whole 1000 posts obsession thing - and are you glad you stayed?!
    Am xx
  • :waves: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]and a wonderful morning to ya!! H is feeling better :clap: and my babysitter has agreed to come here and mind him tonight as i have tickets to see Joan Baez :woohoo:It's just along the road - 10 min walk - so not far if there is an emergency.....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • :hug::hug::hug:
    will be sad to see you go...... :weed:

    things may be better in the morning:sunsmile:

    peace light and love
    bee xxx
  • [COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=3][FONT=Impact]morning lovley person! :hug: [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=2]have a fabulous sunny :sunsmile:crisp autumn day!!! :hippy3:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  • [SIZE=4][B][COLOR=Magenta]yoohoo....morning lovely!!! have a wonderful day...[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  • Hey, just go your message, not been around for a while. Yup, still too far inward but maybe on my way to striking a balance ;) how are you doing?
  • nope not yet but whatever is ment to be is ment to be.
  • did you get that boat you was after Or am I well behind
  • Hiya. Didn't see the notification thing to say I had a message! I'm in Trowbridge at the moment, my boat's called Ventured but doesn't have the name on it. It's green, where the paint is still attached :).
  • thanks :D i like most kinds of music tbh, and i think different music for different moods?
    i tend to just find stuff i like and not worry about genre...i suppose most people on here are into more folky stuff (or is that me generalising too much)??
  • [COLOR="SeaGreen"][B][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]Hallo! hope things are good! like yer pic
    Bess :) x