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  • thanks chap!
  • hey lister-i lived on site with bez many years ago and lost contact with him and friends about 8 years ago- and have only just found out about his death-he was a very dear friend to me and my husband at the time-would there be any chance of finding out some more info about his last hopefully happy years?look forward to hearing from you!
  • hey lister, just anoter dull night at the office lol. how's you??
  • Ye i did mate....thank you
  • Good day to you Sir..*tips virtual hat* did the ticket thing get sorted?
  • hey bob. you still at whale? just had a test...was ok tho
  • Cheers for your comment on my photo :) I love your signature by the way :thumbup: Alabama 3 are awesome, you ever seen them live? I saw them play that song (and many others :p) at the Tolpuddle Martyr's Festival last year :D
  • Your username seems to have gone from my msn
  • Hi Lister, hows things? Haven't been in touch for ages it seems. I have been so busy lately, I have my first accounting exam on Friday, feeling quite confident but still have some work to do, what a week its going to be!
    Hows college? And hows BLu and her college course going? Give her a big hug for me
    Lots of love from us xxx
  • [url][/url] :thumbup:
  • Ok, though it would be better if the fucking lecturear decided to turn up!!! Im sat here, not knowing if she will bother coming in today. Grrrrr

    Anyhoo, part from that, im glad to hear your feeling better. I send you hugs and hope your tip top soon. As for exams, just do your best...x
  • I'm not feeling as bad as I did, seem to get too tired too quickly though which isn't good and the doctors still insist on sticking needles in my arm and draining my blood!
    On the plus side, I can concentrate more on study now and have my first exam 4 weeks today so thats something to panic about. I don't like exams at all, I know my mind will go blank.
    Hows your study going? x
  • Hi Lister,
    Hows things in sunny Scotland? Hope you and Blu have recovered from flu.
    Has Spike recovered now? Been sending positive healing vibes to all three of you.
    Take care and give my love to Blu xxx
  • cant see it, i have to sign in???? am leaving soon, so wont be long home. did you txt mari?
  • [B][I][SIZE=4][COLOR=deepskyblue]fook ewe....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B]
  • at the moment i'm still not really well enough to leave the house but as soon as i am i'll give you a shout.
  • my bus is blue n burnt at the moment so it cant of been me!!

    i'm in glasgow with clair at the moment with bronchitis so am also in a house, but its just aswell coz my back window on the bus is shattered anyway.

    would be good to meet you in person some time!
  • hey, hows it going? long time no speak! :hug: :waves:
  • hey bob! we in media studies. ment to be doing a postcard...but im confused as least mharis as bamboozled as me....

    see you laters, xXx
  • hey man, you still up for some tarot reading on the 29th?
  • I know you !!