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  • Shroom, thank you. The pipsqeak stove looks like it will be perfect . Multi fuel, 3kw, glass door, room to make a brew on top, excellent price. It ticks a lot of boxes.
  • I recently put a 'pipsqueak' brand burner in a friends sprinter , they cost £200 new (search 'pipsqueak' on here I am sure I posted some pics ) , personally I have French enameled jobby, 110 quid off fleabay , my guess it that its between 4 and 6 kwh, more than enough :)
  • Thanks Colin and Shroom, very helpful. I have been advised to get a smaller stove than i imagined and the calculator confirms that. Thank you.
  • this is a useful tool ...
  • Good morning! To be honest, I haven't got a clue on the power output of my stove, but it is not rare that I have to open windows further and the door in the middle of the winter!
    Have a look on his site, he's a good man and will be one hundred percent straight with you.
    I'm lucky enough to consider Julian my friend, which obviously taints my opinion - there are other stove builders out there, and I have no doubt that some of them make to the same quality - but quite a lot of them don't and wouldn't know where to start!