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  • Hey Diddekoi!

    That's right - I've been working from home for the past few years but as we want to get this van dwelling up and running asap and we a bit short of funds, I've just ended up committing about 16 months at my old firm in Mayfair covering a friend who's soon to be off sunning herself around the world.

    I'm off for 3 weeks now and back in Manc so can actually get on with van stuff, now the insulation has arrived this morning - hooray! Up until this point, it's just been taking up half the road and looking a bit lonesome.

    Where in London are you? I think LV is around Park Royal somewhere. I'm thinking we might hang around on the Isle of Dogs as tonnes of vans over there and easy to see my friends who live (in houses) fairly nearby. If you know a good place for us to gravitate towards, gimme me a shout!

    How long you been van dwelling? You will be most welcome as the first van dwelling guest to join us for a cuppa :)
  • Hi. I notice you are also in London ("work in Mayfair"), despite your profile saying Manchester.

    I'm in London and don't know any other van dwellers. Would be nice to meet up with you, and your partner.

    Sorry about the 'friend request'. It's a new button and I dont know what it does, so I tried it. Feel free to ignore.