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  • hi my friend

    long time no chat

    hope all is well

    thought you might like to see the latest wee film from the tin can studios

    [ame=""]YouTube- Arthritis, I love to Boogie[/ame]

    have a wonderful week
  • I'm flakey, but muddling through . . . bettering as the daylight extends ;o)

    contributions can be hard, funny old place sometimes :)
  • Yo! so you are from up north east too, im new to the site so thought I would say hi :D
  • yay! Chegzy's back . . . . see we didn't do so well with the scrapbook

    flipping hippies heh?
  • Hey Chegzy. I got your txt. Been busy with everything BUT im back online now, and iv got credit in me phone, so i'll give you a call after half 7.

    I lov ya M8....take care and speak soon...
  • Thread for meeting tomorrow:


    Hope you can make it! :)
  • Oki dokey, twas nice chatting!

    Take care x :D
  • Yeah it is, it's so much fun.
    I used to love the pink triangle, always good fun to be had.
    Anyways, I'm at me mam's right now hi-jacking the broadbandy so I'm gna skip down the road and get some tea.
    See you round the forums and chat soon :hug:
  • Ah I don't mind it, I know what you mean though... I think I just have good capacity to deal with people like that. I quite often end up in The gay scene actually.

    Oh! fun! Is it your first place on your own?
  • Not too often, lack of money and social life to be honast ha. I usually go to trillians or there abouts though. How about you?
  • Yeah, I'm having a rather quiet weekend but it's not so bad! :) How about you? By the way I was looking at your pcis and noticed those nasty bruises, what was with that? :( Hope your ok now x
  • Just thought I'd say heya since we happen to both hail from the North East :) x
  • Me neither. I tackle the clean washing pile, and put stuff away, when i have to stand on a chair to reach the top of it :D
  • Cheers m'dear. I need pinkly/purpleness in my life, or I begin to feel slightly jaded. Don't blame you for taking a day off, I think it's definitely required at times. I'm ok, ta, took my 3 lovely sons out into town for lunch earlier, which was really good fun. We always have a good time when we go out.
    Don't let the housework get you down, there'll always be more of it. My Mum gave me some good advice 'There's no end to housework, if you want to be a slave to it, then it's up to you, but all you need to do is a good enough job...that's all' It's a mantra I've always held dear, anyway:D
  • Hi Chegz, how ya doing? :)
  • Hope you (or your purse if that's what's broked) is getting mended!!