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  • Was soooooooooo good to see you on Saturday....we love you as always hun and you made Chloes day! xxx
  • Check out "eclectic9eel" on youtube...[url][/url]
  • Hello, Yeah I went AFK as one of the threads I was constructing became a bit heavy what with car crashes and all that. I kinda realised that I was airing my dirties in public which is one of those traps you can easily fall into posting threads here
  • :waves: And a hello to you. Have not seen you visit in some time. :)
  • Have a good day, night, whatever time it is!
  • Well I'd ask the triangle residents association, but theyed come up with the ridiculous assumption that the triangle is bounded by the railway on one side grove road and whinbush road on the other but that makes it more like a broken heart rather than a triangle with woolsworth road at the top. But that does give us a lot more take aways and the park and gardens and our local music venue. I mean if they think like that they might as well inlude just about everything between the town centre and the station. I prefer the equilateral kind of shape myself, but I'd ask Gordy if I knew that he wasn't fibbing. Other than that Id ask trotsky politically the centre of the triangle but he'd tell you to ask me.
  • And who would you listen to?
  • I dont mind you asking. The "golden triangle" is a slang name for the southeast asian opium producing region in thailand vietnam and burma.Its also roughly the local nikname for the area between Walsworth rd and Nightingale road where I live not just because of its reputation for drug dealing but because of the geographic shape formed by either whinbush or veralum rd as a third side depending on who you listen to
  • :waves: What is the association between golden and triangle if you don't mind my asking?