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  • He's a bit of a bugger , but he always steps back before he charges . With the other sheep he tends to use his horns in a sytheing motion to get to the feed trough! We have had way more dangerous rams , but they ended up in the freezer :)
  • Reckon it must be one of the best diet schemes out , I have lost my cider gut . Got it in both lungs now , but the new antibiotics seem to be working , other half reckons I must be getting better as I am well enough to be grumpy ! Six weeks is a long time of work! I just work here on our smallholding but I think thats why I haven't been getting better cos of all the animals needing looking after .
  • It sure is Martin I had it , and I didn't rest enough and its come back , been going on for 4 weeks but at least I am not coughing up blood this time , but I must be ill as I dont feel like boozing and could only eat 2 yorkshire puddings last night !
  • I am very well thank you Martin, I am in Ireland at the moment, and how is life treating you Martin.