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  • ps , he had 300 bookings .
  • yes to both , I was down there wednesday/thursday/friday laying a track to overflow field , I noticed a big ply box with a slot for contact details and a proviso that its a regulation and will be destroyed in 3 weeks, pub is shut but they constructed an outside beach bar type thing, several showers etc and a burger type van, but yes you need to book asap , I overheard Dylan taking several calls thursday saying weekend was full.
  • Hey man forgot to ask , do u need to pre book? And what's the crack with asking for your details? Cheers
  • Earl,,,one cool bird huh x
  • Outstanding video! Thanks brother!
  • Beautiful days my favourite festival missed it this year lovely people go there
  • i travel about 20 miles to a park up on Thursday or Fridays and 20 miles back mon/tues , add another 12 or 20 a week for fuel runs and shopping etc so i suppose about 50/60 miles a week , all through a and b roads , through the gears and up n down hills , a steady 50 mph is comfortable , on a run down thew M4 and M5 to beautiful days it hit 70 mph occasionally :D
  • Super looking Home you got mate do you travel far or stop local?