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  • Just poped by and wanted to say hello :) x
  • have a pic of my pouting daughter. i agree, not a good look!! [IMG]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i219/pixiejanet/859232_10200586400725178_1884353876_o_zpse07b7596.jpg[/IMG]
  • hunny got my age wrong for the youngest boy hes about 15 mnths so 18 mnths soz x x x x
  • 'ello you, how are you doing, hoping the family are all well and ajusting to it's new member, he's gorgeous. xxx
  • Hey Tam, I've been thinking of you lately. How are you doing, your time must be near, keep well xxx
  • hi yer, havnt been comunicating much on here just lately, but hows u, karla & the bump, not to mention your little lad too? hope alls well, would be lovely to all meet up again, r u intending on going to any gatherings this year?
    Ive spent most of the day today drooling over pics of campervans! wishful thinking
  • hiya hun did the top arrive
    hugs sensi
  • here you go try this
    you might need to join to view this or i ould email you a opy (i have no letter see on this omputer:-)
  • hey there - we are moving south nov 11th....are you two going to be over these ends before then at all??? xxx
  • lovely to meet u & yours darling hope u r well, c u soon x give little'n a big kiss from me x
  • Are you bringing your girls camping this time? x
  • did your parcel arrive hunny
  • and we love you too sweetheart
  • just seen karlas fb message hun you have my phone number if you need anything just ask
    sent your skirt today
    pls tell karla we love him
  • Hey! How's you??

    I'm on the Surrey/Hants border so between Aldershot and Guildford. What about you?? xx
  • hey there - how's you? hope you are having a lovely weekend. peace liught and love xxx
  • hello sister, if you go to a festival please let me know, i am in need of a friend.
    all the love to you
  • t shirt en route hunny
  • *pokes* haha!!! I now know why I get on with you, cos I get on with Vik and Caroline, too :)
    Next time you are up in Rugby let me know, and I'll come over to see you all xxx
  • Hi ya, it was great to see you all again, the kids are getting big now. Hope things are all ok for you now x
  • *hugs*
  • Hi Tam....just wanted to say I really enjoyed spending time with you and your family at the field! Ronnie is just adorable, and so bright and funny (I didn't really see much of Holly, whilst I was there) and I've accepted his fb friend request! Pity we couldn't get into the Skirrid, but maybe next year! Hope you had a good journey back xxx
  • [video=youtube;HFXPISqneek]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFXPISqneek[/video]

    couldnt resist posting this after seeing your location

    peace and light
  • Hi Tam...lovely to finally meet up with you yesterday, albeit briefly :) Did you enjoy the festival?
    I had a lovely time, I hung out for a while with SD and his sis, then later met up with my sis, her hubby and my niece! Hope to see you again soon ;)
  • I went to Mongeham primary school too, my Mum is in a OAP home beside that school now so it brings back memories visiting her
  • up till the age of 6 i lived in Deal and Mongeham , then moved to Ash
  • Hi I live in Ramsgate
  • Good morning Miss E-W, you ok? :)
  • hey sweetie are you and karl coming to silverdale
    hope your both well hugs sensi
  • hello tam hope you are well.unfortunately im not on the phone now.But i have finally bought a laptop now.vik is talking to her laptop