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  • i'm in beeootiful cottage in somerset in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and trees, bella is well on her way to being legal and happy, all painted and shiny and no more burns. i'm still ill but getting used to it and doing other fun stuff instead but hoping to get back out on the circuit at least once or twice this year!

    how's hebden treating you? i've heard good things about that place! and it must be true now you're there! :wub:

    big loves to you mate :hug: :hug: :hug:
  • hey gorgeous! :D :hug: :hug: :hug:
  • Excellent! I'm supposed to be going to my first Karate class Monday evening, but I'll take any excuse to put it off for another week... Anyways, I've PM'd my mobile number to ya.
  • well wouldn't you know it, i'm gonna be in tod on monday for a few days, sounds like a plan! you got a number i can contact you on?
  • more than likely, wouldsnt suprise me if we did know a few of the same people, i know a few hebden-ers not in tod as much as i was cos i went back to college after a year off but i can still be spotted about the place every so often. i live just over the border in helmshore in rossendale.
    i was indeed at beatherder :) had a mint time, the whole festival crowd seemed to be hebden which was pretty funny.
    coffee sounds good and i'll let you know more about this party when it omes to light a bit more :)
  • haha, believe it or not, there are cool people in tod! got a lot of mates who live in tod who are well into the free party scene which is always an adventure, theres a big one coming up later this month i think which is shaping up quite nicely, should be mint!
    theres nice walks to do around tod, down the canal is nice and you get some great views from up at the bride stones.
    my mates mum is on the committee for the trades club in hebden so theres good nights on there every so often.
    Tod is a good place kids (dunno if that really concerns you, but a lot of my mates have kids).
    the market (especially on a thursday) is always worth a look in if you have nothing better to do.
    cant say i really go on nights out in Tod, it is a bit dead in that respect (unless you like the cheesy stuff that goes on in the venue...) usually just chill at mates houses or in the park when its warmer.
    i'm in tod on saturday as it happens :)
    the names Mel by the way, looks like i might see you around
  • you're in hebden eh? i spend most of my spare time in tod
  • Ah, that sounds naff. Apart from the marbles bit. I never thought you had any to lose! I'll bring you some of mine when I visit, I've never had much use for them...
    Not sure if I've met Clair n Dave, not in this life anyway, but glad to hear that you've got good company. I do fancy a proper natter, but right now I'm supposed to be finishing off the frame for my new bed as somebody was kind enough to gift me with a knackered old futon, so I'll have to put you on hold for a few hours m'dear, but when I return, a good old natter will be had. Oh yes indeed.
  • i had bronchitis in january followed by some crappy post viral fatigue thing that still hasnt gone away. and now the sun's out and the festival seasons kicking off with out me i also appear to be losing my marbles aswell! mostly i just been up to stuff that doesn't require energy. i been staying with weecab and dantes (clair n dave) cant remember if you met them but they're the nicest people in the world, as well as you of course! can't wait for you to darken our doorstep! what have you been up to with yourself for the winter and do you fancy a proper natter on msn?
  • just outside glasgow. if you pass this way and [I]dont[/I] pop into see me i'm gonna track you down n chop your nuts off!
  • Ah nuts, that's not good. Hope you're ok, hun. Where about's in Scotland are you, 'coz I'll be up that way towards the Autumn, and it would just be completely rude not to pop in for a hug and a catch up?
  • not this year they wont :( not coming out to play coz i been poorly since january and so has my bus so doing the house dwelling thing and staying in and resting lots. make sure you have lots of extra fun on my behalf tho! if you fancy hunting me down i'm not that hard to find, just a long way away coz i'm in scotland. i think baby making is out the question for the time being tho!
  • hey georgeous! hope you have a wikkid summer :hug:
  • hello im a mystery weirdigan
    can you guess which one
    a clue: i have photos of you
    hope you well