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  • Heya, thanks for the message in my hello note. I am organising a meet up for September 20th 2009 at a pub in Lincoln called the jolly brewer and I am trying to get as many people to come as possible...if you fancy it come along!

    Wednesday xx
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]HI ! how are things going for you ?[/FONT]
  • Hello Jessie :waves: How are you getting on with your UK adventure?...Mistyx
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ahh! now it all makes sense ! thought it was a bit random otherwise ! and hear was me thinking a change of town was a big deal when I moved up to here ! put me in my place ![/FONT]
  • My chevette (or chevi) as I liked to call her was a fun car. The boot wouldn't stay open so I had to prop it with a garden cane. Also the rear demisting wouldn't work so I had to carry a rubber squeegee to scrape all the moisture off before I could drive anywhere, but she was my 1st car and I was so fond of her. Mind you she was orange (or a sort of orangey brown) colour.
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thats not to bad if I remember right ! so what made you move there of all the places ?[/FONT]
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I spent the last two years on the road with my last job never got used to it ! mad mad people ! where abouts have you decided to settle down at ?[/FONT]
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]HI ! sorry not been around for a while internet got cut off ! are you in england now then ?[/FONT]
  • Bwahahaha. How funny! Yeah Suzuki's from Vancouver. I'm from Vancouver Island (much better than Vancouver :P ). He's highly respected in Canada; in fact, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper (idiot) was being interviewed by the CBC and they said to him, "Come on. When David Suzuki tells you you're making a mistake, don't you doubt your decisions? I mean it's David Suzuki!" Hahaha. It was hilarious. He's an environmentalist advocate and I think he did have some films "The Nature of Things". Twice daily, he has suggestions on reducing environmental impact on the radio.

    Aww too bad he left without you. I've been to Turkey but personally, that's the farthest to the "middle east" you could get me. I loved Turkey but I couldn't go to any country where I'd have to cover my hair. Call me a feminazi but I just can't (then again my mother is more of a feminazi than I am and she said she'd like it).

    Yeaaah my Chevette <3 I love it. It's so low maintenance. Anything that goes wrong is simple. No power steering, no power brakes, no fuel injection... just a car that runs because things work. It was so funny a couple months ago it was having problems (not good considering Eddy and I were on our way up island to get to a cabin for a winter retreat and we had a few feet of snow). It turned out one of the hoses had worn away and you could only see it if you pressed on it, then the holes would show up. My coolant was leaking from there. So what did we do? We went into an old abandoned car, cut the hose out, stuck it in, and off we went. Hahaha.

    I think different continents had different versions of the Chevette (according to Chevette.com). Mine's a North American 1984 Chevette. Ha. My dad's going to jazz it up while I'm in England. I've given him instructions to paint it like a Mini (white top, black middle, red bottom). I'm going to take it in for a "detail" sometime this week. I can't wait to see their faces when I tell them I want a detail for my Chevette.
  • Wow, that snow looks amazing. :thumbup:
    My 1st car was a Vauxhall Chevette (orange), fond memories of driving it around when I passed my driving test. Loved that car :)
    I travelled/ had a 2 year relationship with a guy from Vancouver (back in the day). We met on a kibbutz in Israel and travelled all over Europe/Turkey & Egypt together. He went on to India (without me:(), when my money ran out. I didn't know at the time that his father was David Suzuki (the name meant nothing to me until I got back to Blighty and saw some programmes that he had made), the wildlife film maker. His son was Troy :)
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Just thought I would say hi ! hows life ?[/FONT]
  • Ooooh! Exciting stuff! a new adventure heh?:D hope all goes well, let us know how its going when you get here! :thumbup: :hippy:
  • Hello Jessie! Happy new year!:) how are things with you?... not long till you're moving to uk? Best of luck anyway hun, MistyMaya xx
  • Cool! that all sounds really exciting! :D its great that you & Eddie will get to be together full time?... and u will have a whole new land to explore and strange and interesting things to try...awesome!

    I kinda wish I could "take off" again and do some travelling, but got a few commitments/plans here for the moment, so gotta wait a while longer.

    I've never been to Sheffield (or Lancaster) I am "South West" girl, but my best mate went to Uni in Sheffield and she loved it- lots of cool indie bands and nice people going on there I believe!

    Life here is ok, bit skint (credit crunch has bitten us all..ouch!!) but I'm happy enough.

    Nice 2 see u anyways! xx ;)
  • :) Hey Buddha,

    Hows it going?... :D

    Still looking forward to your voyage over to the UK soon?...

    Whats been happening in yr world? :hippy:
  • Thank you for all of the fab. ideas!!! It was really sweet of you!
  • This is Ruby, she's a Whippet (like a mini Greyhound) :D
  • Hi Jessie,

    I'm Rachel :)

    We chatted a little while back about Canada (I hope u remember, I'm not a mad woman, honest!) xx
  • Hey Jessie :waves: