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  • Did I reply to your message in July? Very sorry if I didn't. How rude of me! I was looking for some links in my profile and came across some visitor messages I don't remember seeing before - although that doesn't mean I didn't see them! I tend to stay in a small area, because most of my work needs me to use my van. Travelling on the boat makes using the van a challenge. Thankfully this waterway is less well used than many others. There is always somewhere to bang the pins in for an overnight stay, or even a few days to be honest, if you can get close enough to the bank.

    Yes, there are some lovely people on this forum. I am pleased to say I have even met several of them now. It does the heart good to know there are still such nice people around.
  • Hey Hi ya,
    Thanks, it's always good to start the day with a smile matey !.
  • Love the joke
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  • Time ticking on and my bed is calling - can you hear it - we can speak again, goodnight - sweet dreamsx
  • Hi Nulife, my comp is very slow tonight, not sure why, so have just got this message.
    Generally I am in the Lakes, I do love it there and enjoy the area walking ad such, I am in
    Ireland at the moment for the last 6 wks, so I do like to travel in my van.

    I see you live on a boat, I have owned and lived on two narrowbosts, lovely way to be xx
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  • Where would you like me to come over to
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  • I'm loving it down here :) The city can be a bit hectic, but it's worth it for the people and the short escape route to the Downs! How is Littlehampton treating you?
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  • Hey Paul! Not quite my bedtime yet - almost though!
    I'm actually down in Brighton now, bit of an upgrade from Basingstoke!
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  • Jewelery is going well and the basket covers are done too. I'm just debating todays activity. I was going to cycle to visit my mum but I can't work out if it's going to rain or not.. I'll wait a while me thinks and see what happens with these clouds. Ahh the joys of I don't mind doing the laundry and I don't mind ironing but I hate pegging stuff on a line - I don't know why but that part I
    Did you manage to get to Eastbourne the other day?
  • morning back N:hippy::Dviewing my grooves,13 this morning and yup am bound to wander;:thumbup:
  • Well hello there had a good day enjoying some sunshine - we dont get many sunny days here in Scotland so we have to take advantage of them when we can. Hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for the message :hippy:
  • I don't know if I am making the most of the weather. There are plenty of jobs on the boat I could be getting on with, but I am enjoying it certainly.

    Yes my 50' n'boat in The Fens is my home when in the UK, which at the moment is most of the time. I've lived afloat for coming up to four years and love it.
  • Hi there, :waves:I'm just chilling today doing a bit of jewelery and making basket covers. I used to live in Eastbourne many years ago, my daughter who is now 30 was born there, it's a lovely place for the sun and sea so don't blame you heading that way for a while. :thumbup:
  • :)morning N ;we love that parkland and a wander;;a wolfdogs paradise:thumbup:he has his own sofa saarloos are possessive and territorial ,but the best companions ever:hippy: