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  • Likewise sir. I only hope I'm not too distracted to log into this thing.
  • I'll do that, be good to meet you
  • It's going to be tight, as we're driving up arriving at a place we've rented near Brum on the 17th and then have lots to sort out, but I'm hoping to get down to the Henge for the night of the solstice at least.
  • No, I haven't been to Brighton in a while but reckon their fight is mine as well. Left the UK after 84's festivals with a few others, but am finally moving back next month for a few reasons, one being the risk of much reduced rights if/when the UK brexits. We may come back out to Spain in a decade or so.
    Whereabouts in the UK are you based? or No fixed abode?
  • And it was good to read your summary of what's happening far too much on many threads... spot on.
    I'm one of three moderators, the admin and owner is Paul.
  • Yes I did. Sorry for delay. Hope you're ok x
  • Hey there, did you get my last message about facebook? S.xx
  • hahaha! Thanks for the compliment! I'm not even sure you're gonna get this message because I can't work this visitor message thingy :/ Facebook would be much better for me. I'm Sally Bowman and have the portrait my friend Emma painted as my profile pic. Shouldn't be too hard to find. S.xxx
  • Just a nickname for use on the site.

    Do you mean Celtic harp? Or big classical harp?
  • Hi Diddekoi, I can play a couple of songs on guitar - badly lol - but I like singing so I just carry on regardless hahaha. I play tin whistle and djembe, and I'm learning the harp. How did you come up with the name Diddekoi? S.x