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  • Hi Harley...

    Lovely to meet you last night, hope you had a great weekend, Knackered now but still time to go off out on my harley later.

  • Dohhhhh and i had the kelly kettle on and everything hehe

    Ooh so you were wondering sunny Gloucestershire were you, anywhere nice?

    Maybe it's slugs n chips from now on, yiu gotta be recourseful and adapt ;)
    Saying that have you tried beer and eggshells and theres wool slug pellets too?

    Yes pop in im in centre of Coleford but very hidden away with my huge green secluded garden.

    Have funnnnn
    Keep smilinnnn
  • Yooohooo,

    Have you managed to find a sunny blue cloud to laze under at all today?

    Im in and out like a yoyo between the garden anf workshop as the sun cones and goes hehe.

  • Gdevening n (( hugs)) backatcher :)

    Its bn a typically welsh grey drizzly day + apart from a few die-hard dogwalkers iv hardly seen a soul !
    Lots of sleeping bag hours + teadrinking on the menu today ha ha Im off home fer the nite coz stuff to do 2mrw then off fer a wander poss. st davids way coz i know a coupla luvly park-ups there
    Wot part Sussex u in ? Iv friends not far from Hastings in a very rural setting
    N likewise -- if ur ever in Wales , my kettle is ALWAYS hot lol
  • Goodmorning ((Hug)).

    Have you still got the whole place to yourself this morning ?.

    I'm going to take a wild stab and say that it's typical Severn area gray morning lol lol.
    Come on shake a leg, put the kettle on, and if you're travels ever take you around Sussex, give me a nudge