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  • It is getting better Martin, still lots to clear up, but the town will bounce back
  • The only problem I have with him is that he is "hunting" my spaniel, as soon as they are off in the field he runs along side him and either goes for his neck or ears, not owt that bad don't draw blood but it is pissing the spaniel off big time he yelps and dosent enjoy the walk then so I've been putting a muzzle on Alf, boy he hates it, and knowing my luck he'll have it on first time a rabbit pops up in front of him, don't know what else to do, been offered the loan of a shock collar but I don't like them.
  • No mate, tbh I have only seen one myself all year, very thin on the ground even here in work usually quite a decent amount but nowt atall now.
    He burst out of their shed the other day and was millimetres from catching a magpie that was on the lawn lol, jumped up in the air after it as it flew up, was dead comical looking at him wondering how he missed it :D
  • Thank you Martin, it is crazy here, bridges collapsing, I am safe and dry so very grateful right now
  • No , not tried it yet, but keeping my eye out . I think the elderflower wine was maybe a bit over elderflowered, but mixed with blackcurrant gives a nice fruity rose :)
  • Thank you :) That's what I was getting like, and I decided it wasn't for me at this point in my life with all the things going on that are going on... so decided to cool it down for a bit. I didn't really plan how long I was going to stop for, but I like counting the days so much that I might have gotten myself stuck in a sober trap!
  • Thank you.
  • WOW that's cheap, it is the Merseyside postcode that whacks it up for me mate, got mates up and down the country paying next to nowt for same type of truck, does me head in tbh lol.:wall:
  • Never had Heck's before, will keep an eye out, ZummerZets just down the road :)
  • ok. im confused... lol
  • Saw the start at beaumaris, then over the menai bridge before we reaced the peloton in to Wrexham for the finish.

    Big grin factor all day.

  • Not yet mate, in work at the mo' brought him in with me for a mooch around but none to be seen today :rolleyes:
    Last week the little bugger managed to catch a female blackbird, how the hell he managed that I don't know, and a big spider ran across the carpet, he nailed that lol.
  • Hi, the work involves supporting festival goers who have run into trouble of one kind and another, would you like to have a chat about it in more detail?
    my number is 07896555760, call anytime
    x x x
  • Not at the moment , but I have planted a Black Dabinet & a Kingston Black apple trees 2 years ago with a view to making cider in the future , as I also planted about 15 other eating/cooking apple trees about 5 years ago.Unfortunately I am having issues with squirrels ransacking my trees this year!.

    My next door neighbour makes about 50 gallons a year of cider and perry , so I don't go thirsty :)
  • No mate, he starts off with a burst down the field, for about 100 yards (can't keep up with the springer yet,) then as spaniels do Barney turns back and Alf wonders what the hell is going on, then when he gets back to me he just sits down and starts eating grass, then after a bit he will pounce on Barney trying to hunt him if you know what I mean.
  • Yeah looking forward to him hopefully getting me a bunny or two for the pot, my spaniel gets me a pheasant every now and again too.
  • Hmmm.....*ponders trip to seaside*
  • Ah great stuff, I have never owned a Lurcher yet myself, I've temporaraly fostered a couple, did plan on keeping this lovely brindle bitch a couple of years ago, but we were supposed to move abroad so rehomed her and then the job fell through. DOH!!
    Looking forward to owning this fella he is so full of beans. :thumbup:
  • hello matey