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  • is also under would appear that there is a quiet territorial battle going on with two rival gangs of poachers over my fkg land.Their presence is waning as I am finding a new, very focused, interest in community council meetings and their accounting procedures.All smiles when i am looking ,but I can clearly hear the sounds of sharpening metal when i look away.I have also found that via facebook tracking, the friends of friends of certain people can be very interesting.My approach is a little black widow rather than a big bear.Having a laugh.Do you have another contact other than public forums please.I think you gave me an email but forgot.x
  • do u remember conversation about people who secure against felons?one of those people want evening work north wales? please email me.ta.x
  • Thanks cricket, just coming back from the funeral now. X
  • Hope you are okay.Losing a friend very tough.I still find it hard to accept they are gone forever, yet there is a them sized space ever present where they should be.Its like a wall in my spirit house has gone.Feels like part of me is gone too.Very sad.x
  • I had. The train station is 20 miles away from here and no public transport from here. It would have been easier to take camper up and I could rest up on route and sleep close to hospital. Now I’m devastated. We’ve been good friends 37 years.
  • got enough loot to get there?
  • I Found It hahaga And I Have PM You I Think HAHAHA
    Please Let Me Know You Get It ..Thankyou:)
  • I Have Just Seen A Post Saying Check My Conversations And When I Did There Was Nothing There From You About The Ukhippy Merchandise So Maybe You Can Resend Whatever You Said If You Can Please As I Get Confused With This Conversstion Thingy And PM Thingy Because Is The Conversation Thingy A Private Message Place Now? As Lasr Time I Stumbled Across It By Chance hahahaha Thanks :)
  •…&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 next time she threatens a cheap nursing home remind her who writes your will.You may have a laugh at this film.All things are possible.
  • It had a massive effect :) made me realise life is for living :) I am shy in the sense that you all knew each other and I didn't really. Maggie helped me alot :) onwards and upwards :)
  • Awwww Thankyou ...And You Be Too I Be Wishing Much Love..Peace...Happiness This New Year ...
    And Off Course Lots Of Bounce Bounciness Too...hehehe:))
  • Not a problem at all. I love horses, I was brought up in the borders. I've fallen of loads of horses and have the greatest of respect for them as a species that are probably every bit as smart as me but have the intelligence not to advertise the fact in case we make their lives harder, much like cats.
    Cheers Steve and [COLOR=#3E3E3E]Didicoy Pinzgauer[/COLOR]
  • I'm not on face book, but I'm getting tempted to try it out. Sent you email and a few photos
  • [email][/email]. Check my thread control I replied to your post. I'm worried!lol
  • I have same problem as you with pm. Addy is [email][/email], I'm on leave tomorrow so will be able to check photos out and should get an idea how hard it is. Stuff like drops has epicyclic hubs and they're bastards lol.are you on crusty travellers facebook group?
  • No worries just saw your message on my visitors bit. Missed it over the xmas period and was unable to reply till today. Hope you and yours had a good xmas and great news about your 76 yr old mum getting remarried Huh...
  • I have a old one that I used about three years ago befor julian made my new one
    Its long about 6 foot long. I would want about £10 for it only because its sentimental. I made it out of a flood light tripod. its very strong but not too heavy
    tube steel.
  • Hi bev, its expensive and to be honest unless i can get my hands on it and see how it goes together I cant say if its easy to modify. I should think its the same set up as lyndseys but cant see that clear. I would expect to pay 2 or three quid for one off car boot as the are old and not used any more. Do you need one that is telescopic now you have the van? julian can make real simple steel bar tripods.
    try googling fire / cooking tripod on net
  • Yes it is S.W.A.T. bus :D ready for hotrod flames down the side, im keeping well. Trundle is having a few running issues at the moment but will get to the bottom of them in the next few weeks. All set for winter and i think it may be another cold one! Hope all is well with you
  • Hello mate , hope you ok , how's the back going ? roll on summer i need to be in a field with hippys , this winters been a bugger up to yet
  • Have you ever thought of applying for a mining job in Australia? These jobs are usually in remote places, not always the nicest conditions and can be dangerous work.l But having said that you get paid far more than you would for comparable work elsewhere. Most people do it for one or two years to make build up a nest egg.
  • Im showing as online. I too can talk to others. what did that engineer do to your system. wire it in to your vidio player and give you a msn screen b4 billing you for a full internet service? make it 12 noon tomoz as I have loads to do b4 we hit the road.
    the dark ages of technology are upon us..... hey tomoz night we can say it in brail xxx
  • hey there steve hows you? it was great to meet you and lindsy at trev and I hope we will all meet again at another gathering didnt get to stay long enough at trevstock but will try harder next time hope the straps come in handy and you get some use out of them jan
  • Wotcha. The pics are saved to Photoshop 7 as jpg files (or they might be tif's), formated to 768 x 576 pix PAL motion picture size. If you still have problems let me know and I'll burn you a (hybrid PC) disc and send it in the snail mail. I know you must have told me but but my brain melted in the heat - when do you need them by? Hope it all works out for you but keep 'em safe.

    I finished the final edit of the movie yesterday and you lot look fab. Am sending a CD of it to Ben for him to put on the band MySpace so you can bask in your glory.

    Band meeting on Friday when we'll scoff the chocolate pudding! Hmmmmm ...
  • Hiya Steve how's it going you already for the field
    Hope you have a great time
    Those boots your wearing at ALS photo film thingy are awesome by the way
    Steve says hi he says he's just opened a fosters in your honour
    Hee hee
    Take care love sensi
  • Morning Steve how you feeling this morning not too bad I
    I really hope the docs get a move on and it works. Been thinking about it all lots and willing it all too work
    Thanks for your kind words on my weather thread
    I'm a right panicker LOL
    Leaving every body behind is bad enough LOL
    You have a good weekend Hun love sensi
    Steve says hi
  • steve and his stunts hes a nutter lol
    if they fly the grandkids in ill be flying straight out lol
    good news about the hospital steve fingers crossed
    sorry to hear youve been having so much pain hunny i know what you mean about the painkillers rics gran has just been told she needs to have a leg removed due to ulcers and diabetes they have had her on morphine and the things she keeps coming out with are really disturbing ....she threw a cup at me yesterday

    you would of laughed at ste if you had been here yesterday we woke up to find 8 sheep in our garden so ste in boxers and docs ran down trying too get em out one got stuck in the bush so as hes trying to free it he ended up in the ditch thankfully it no longer contains muddy water lol
  • hiya steve mate hows it going any news on the op
    hope your well
    take care love sensi
  • check out my thread in gatherings we are back up silverdale 26-30th of august for a long weekend
  • morning flower! how's you? have been working some mad cover shifts so haven't been playing here as much...apart from that #1 son spends a lot of time on the puter so i don't get a flippin look in! kids eh? h is over the pox but has a nasty big scar on his forehead. hope things are good with you. have a beautiful day!