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  • So glad you like it Hun your a great friend yourself
    Love ya loads
  • So glad you like it Hun your a great friend yourself
    Love ya loads
  • hey woman send me your addy lol
    damn i love that pink hair
  • ello stranger!!! how goes it? big love from the cornwall end to you and the chloe monster!! big hugs Vxxx
  • I've not forgotten you, had a head full of college

    hope all's good x x
  • Ello hun not seen you about for a while - hope you n yoru daughter are ok :) loadsa love Sarah x x x x
  • yeh! i figured! just pulling yer plonker! :-))
    see you in a wee while! am gonna grab some grub and answer nature call!
  • one thing though, is that pronounced as free-cloud, or is it freec loud?
  • can you send me a PM with your address ~ so I can work out just how far I'll be driving to get to your's.

    I really want to meet you, so need to get the journey fixed in my head, to make it a reality!
  • well I'll do my best to get up on the saturday night, so I can meet you properly when my littley is asleep ;)
  • oh, was nothing norty. just a few old friends I've not seen in an age and we were at a very small house party ~ cosy cottage with a firey type thing and you were all laughing at me for being so daft not to realise you all knew each other.

    I reckon its a kind of only allowed to know so many of "us lot" at once, or we scare the world
  • right, seeing as you were in my dream last night, I shall not be persuaded by other hippies not to visit you and do stuff with them instead. unless of course you'll be busy on 8th feb. we might possibly come late on 7th, we'll see nearer.
  • hiya sweetie hope you have had a good night
    pressie winding its way too you very soon woooooooooooooooooooooh
  • I worked for the Rocking Rabbit, a mail order bead/jewellery company in the middle of the village. There's a driveway to a big house just after the p.o. (coming from the co-op end) and we were in the yard behind the house.
    We're usually in the green area at SF, we only venture out to the busier areas for certain bands and for me to check out a few clothes/bags. As you do at SF!
    I think there were a few ukh-ers there last year but that was before I joined up so it'd be good to meet people. Just to prove to OH that some people on the internet are who they claim to be!!
  • brilliant :) I much prefer taking folk as I find 'em ~ :)
  • Hi, hope you don't mind me being a nosey cow but I saw you mention Cambridge in the Woolies thread and then came on here and saw your postcode.
    I'm from Sawston originally though now in March in the fens but I used to work in Cottenham and the bus would go through Rampton every morning. Mind this was 6 years ago until the week before I had my son.
    I love your hair colour! Hope to bump into you at Strawberry Fair next year.
    Take care, Diana x
  • Its a date mate! My postcode is CB24 8QD.

    Blessings to you and Rowan!

  • crap, just saw the post before my last was, again, sent to myself!
    Middle of nowhere is good. Just let me know yer postcode before the first week in feb! Then we'll have a date?
  • looks like you're 80ish miles from my destination. So maybe it'll have to be an overnighter. If I come not too late on the saturday ... ok for me n littley to camp on your floor?
  • did I imagine it or are you Cambridge way? I *might* be able to visit for an afternoon when I come that direction in february ;)

    x xx
  • i did it again ~ I replied to you on my wall :(

    bit burnt out myself head wise at the mo ~ so for a reply to your message, visit my wall

    x x x
  • just to say hello lovely :)
  • PS- just seen we are both Gemini's- best starsign going eh? :D :whistle:;)
  • Hi Freecloud my lovely, hows you?...:waves:

    enjoyed our drunken shananigans with young Paddy the other night (hee, hee!!) :D was great fun, I had a massive hangover on sunday though! :insane:.....must have had something to do with all those bottles of sherry we were swilling with the parrots eh?! Rach xx
  • help needed on the chatterbox thread "mad aussie woman " hope you pop over cheers xx
  • ello Mander ~ love your pic on MSN
  • i'm doin bloody marvelous thankee :D
    trying to motivate myself to redecorate my house atm.
    and you ?
    hows tricks luv xxx
  • Hey you!!!!!!...hows ya doin hun! x!
  • helloooooooooo you :D
    ace this innit x