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  • Hi Darren. Got your message, then it disappears. So lost your email addy. If we try a friends link for now. I will try on a friends computer to see if I can access the full site and retrieve your email addy. It's the front axel N/S and back axel N/S I know there is a tool that is made to Jack the axel off from both sides. Is 1989 6x6 I've read loads online and seen YouTube clips of the job in hand. Getting the oil seals and axel boots shouldn't be too much of a problem. Cheers Steve.
  • Hi Darren I can't send a private PM. I can only reply to them once I receive one. It's been like this for over a year now. Don't know why I can't PM.
    If you have a email addy I can send you pics of the vehicle and have a chat. That would be cool. Cheers Steve