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  • I’m ok, sorry I just found your message from the1st of May. Well I have been better and will be again.. see you in a field soon as.
  • I have been doing eco projects in Briston and Wymondham, stayed in Beccles and South cove for a few days too, off to Essex Mon, are you in Norfolk Groove?
  • hiya Groove - I think this was where I thought you'd fallen out with me......I was just saying the etherea, I didn't understand this "conversation" bit - thought all conversations were done via Private Messaging.......Have obviously got some major flaws in understanding how UKH architecture works. So anyway....if I do get to the point where self employment grabs the tarmac - will get back and see if there's any collaborations we could do. Early days, but you never know :) what are your key skills BTW could you name some top strengths kind of thing...
  • Hello there Groove :) Hope you are settled into your new home and new job.
    Are ya coming to the Hampshire meetup?
  • I sleep well of hex or farmer wilkes
  • Pennard, or if that's not available, hex. I know buddy lol
  • And try the local cider that's a must
  • Totally. I always stay on the Isle of avalon campsite. Just wander about, chill, walk, go in the abbey, drink the water. And have a bit of a pub crawl lol
  • I always feel as though I belong there and the people are so friendly
  • I imagine there is but I don't know what or when! I just go because I find it a good place to take stock and recharge a bit, ya know?
  • Got family there myself I just thought there was summat going on
  • No idea, it's just a nice town to visit and I have some friends there also.
  • Hiya wots going on Glastonbury in the winter?martin