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  • Hope you are well white poppy xx
  • Hi Donna,
    I was looking at the have You Seen A Ghost thread and it seems you have trouble with insomnia. I also used to have trouble for years. Would you like to know what worked for me?
  • Hey hun. No worries, I'm not ashamed of my decision anymore. At the time, I was in a bad situation, I was young and was in a bad way at home. But it affected my mental health really badly, I had severe postnatal depression from 16 - 18, which was when I had my son. The abortion was so traumatic that I couldn't go through it again, so I carried my child, but the guilt was so bad, I couldn't bond, as well as issues with my mother, in other threads. So I had him adopted. Three years later, I got that bonding wave of emotion but it was too late. My mental health is much better once I learnt to forgive myself. At the time, I was in no position, emotionally, financially or physically to have a child, I just couldn't see it. But I do still grieve. I light a candle every year, because it upset me so much.

    Don't be too hard on your ex, its a really big thing to get past, either sex, it can really upset your balance, but you will heal from it, It does get better fella x
  • I cant post anomysly on the mob so could you delete this message. I am humbled by you letting peeps know about your choice and how it affected you. You sound like your through the other side or do you still get ill or relapse? Its just i need to know id liken it all to post natel depression have you moved on? Message me and try to bin this message somehow.
  • Hows things going on the art front? Hope you are well? x
  • hi lex, apologies for not responding earlier, im rarely on this anymore, due to smashing my phone, and my computer's a bit naff :) hope you are well too. why not be an artist? if you have a passion for it, you should go for it, all art is subjective, so even if yo dont think you are good, someone else will :) xx
  • Hi

    Not sure how to send you a pm but just wanted to say hey and i wish i could be an artist too... I like your natural recipes for hair and body products, trying to make some myself with coconut oil :)

    Hope this message finds you well and youre having a good day, sent a friend request, hope you dont mind x