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  • Hi Fairygirl,

    Wow... you're my first "proper" UKH friend! Thank you!


  • hello you look so interesting from your write up
    would love to meet up with you
    cheers paul
  • Thanks for the info but ... I'm not exactly enamoured of the Eden Project. All I'll say is *greenwash*

    However ... if you want to try really good food for FREE, get yourself along to the 2nd [I]Truro Free Vegan Food Day[/I] at the City Hall, Boscawen Street, Truro, TR1 2NE on Saturday 19th November (11:00 - 15:00)

    If you manage to get along to that pop over and say Hi to me on the [I]Vegan Society[/I] stall.
  • Ah thanks, bless ya :). I'll pop in for a cuppa next time I'm up that way, possibly next month when I visit the Monkey Sanctuary on one of their open days.
  • No probs. I've often done the same myself. Life is ok, getting better every day. I'm now living in Upton Towans just outside of Hayle, about a 5 minute walk from the dunes and beach, in a winter let. So where are you? Nx
  • hiya sweetheart were have you been missed you
    thanks i used to get sinus rubbish all the time but havent had it for ages but this time it feels like my heads gonna explode lol
    you take care and keep in touch
    if ever you jim and co need a holiday your welcome up here
  • Hello from another Cornwall 'ippy. I'm normally in Truro, soon to be Gwithian for goodness knows how long, currently based in Tintagel for a week.
  • Hey, I'm good but Clo is on her 3rd cold in a run so now has a chest infection and cant stop coughing again, worried sick its pneuonia like before. Hope you are all ok! Have a fab crimbo. We miss you heaps too lovely one...xxx
  • I got it!! :D Thankyou *so* much,it was realy thoughtful and the socks and joggers are excelent and already in use :) Which has improved my odour somewhat :whistle: And chocs too,bonus :D Thanks again lovely,its much appreciated and cheered me up on a rubbish day *nugs*
  • Hiya,I havent had any post for a while but rang house tonight and apparently there are a couple of parcels and letters there for me so hopefully yours is one of them,have to wait till tomorrow to pick them up but will let you know.Thanks though :)
  • Vicky,

    Im on the scrounge.....i need a small white crochet flower to cover a fag burn on my fave top!!!! Can you make me one pleaseeeeeeee,i'll pay

    Love ya

    Anwen xxxx
  • Wow that was fast:D Will let you know when i get it. Thanks :D
  • Somewhere!!! We have builders here at the moment!!!
    I know I have a lovely mama sized pattern for a jumper I would love to get made someday. I will have a look around for a nice pattern for you for William jumpers.... Just might haveto get matching socks too though ! Lol your socks rock
  • yep - i could do without having to be nice and kind and encouraging - to change bums and think of games to play and answer a million questions - what i want to do is curl up with a duvet, bottle of something alcoholic, dvds and chocolate and tell the world to go fuck itself - and cos we got no family near to just take the kids on days like today i never get to do it...
  • Hi Vicki,

    If you would like to work with us - thats the Maker Green Team I think we can just squeeze you in. I'll ask Emma Wallace to look out for you!

    What I need you to do is visit & register with the team here: [URL]http://www.scumbusting-england.co.uk/login[/URL]

    Once you have done this and I have accepted you you will be able to access and download our 2010 Volunteer Form. Fill this out to the best of your knowledge and return this document to:

    If you use facebook the Maker Green Team have a page their which I update every day...join us here to if you wish!

    Best wishes

    Daryn Manchip
    Co-ordinator Maker Green Team
    All Volunteer Not For Profit Community Events Recyclers
  • Hi, Fairygirl it's Tekno's daughter. Thank you for the food parcel, I really enjoyed the animal cookies!! And also, I liked the peanuts, especially the honey ones (even though my step-sister ate most of them). And I really like the postcard thank you for getting it for us.

    From F

  • Awww...bless you and Jim for the beautiful card - I REALLY appreciate it - my fave colour has to be purple too. Thank you my two beautiful friends. I don't need to see people often to love them!..xxxx My ex dad in law ALWAYS sends me a card too,nice isn't it.
  • Oh hun, you and Jim really are the sweetest people - you made me smile! I can never repay your kindness but one day I'll find away - you really are 2 of the nicest people I've ever known. Blessings xxx THANK YOU JIM!...X
  • Awww thank you hun we had a lovely lunch today...made the postie giggle a bit though!!! xxx
  • 'Ello :flower:

    That's a really kind thought - and I'd definitely be interested if it were closer but bedfordshire is too far away I'm afraid :(

    Thankyou for thinking of me though!! :D :D

  • i think you must be confusing me with someone else. i have the kite runner and have read it loads of times coz it is one of my favourite books! :D but thanks anyway :hug: how are you feeling now?
  • Brill! I'm pleased they got there so quick. Happy weekend! x
  • Hey my beautiful pointy person, Yes - completely went from my head so forgive me - Chloemonster loved the pretty cat card and did say thank you...xxx Well her girlie friend with ADHD has just gone home after being here for 3 days and nights, now she is outside smoking in the caravan with two of the town traveller lads...lol. Life is fun at the minute! Take care lovely lady...x ps just knowing you're 'out there' for me help such a lot mate...x
  • Yep will pm you hon x
  • On May 6th....

  • hola! :) you're very welcome my dear! i still have the pink bag, think the blue dress has gone, which was the pixie cardi? xxxx
  • Sun woke me up this mornig and said: get up on your feet , get dance to my beat ! So I dance and dance until the dusk, has he gone insane somebody may ask.?

    Hi, such a lovely day! Have great day my neighbours. Pop in for cuppa. Where abouts are you?
  • hi vikki, that would be cool, not got any days off work over that period as such, but hopefully we can sort something out at the time. x
  • she very cute. nothing has changed with me though so no exciting news! hope life is good. i am looking forwards to enjoying the summer not going to work as much this year me thinks!
  • love your new pic...can see your still painting and good thing too!!