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  • Hey, love the photo! :cool: :hippy3:
  • Yeah, 'tis a bit quiet at the moment, I'm hoping it'll pick up soon :) It used to be bustling with people posting all sorts of different threads, but then a lot of the most active posters started leaving for one reason or another :s There are still some lovely people on here though I think, and hopefully as more and more new people start joining it'll start getting busier again.

    Is it the size of the photo you're having trouble with? Cause there are free programs you can download to fiddle about with photos. IrfanView is the main one I use.

    I'm good thank you :D Loving the warmer weather, makes it much nicer to get out taking photos and stuff. Looking forward to festival season too :happydanc :peace:
  • Aww hey Lateralus22 how thoughtful! :yourock:Errm I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Also I can't find a photo that'll fit my profile pic area & it's verrry quiet for me but I guess it all takes time :)

    How are you doing? :beard: hehe
  • Hiya Sara! :waves: Thought your wall was looking a bit bare :P How are you finding the site? :hippy3: