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  • We've only just started looking at some online, but I think we need to go see some in the flesh as I need to make sure it's spacious enough as my partner is a pretty big guy so I wouldn't want him to be all squished up. Lol x
  • No worries,
    I read in an earlier post you made that you and you partner wanted a van, so you can get away on occasion, Have you got one, or any particular make in mind !.
    Maybe you could start a thread, Hope to catch you on the boards.
  • I'm in hythe kent before that I was in ashford for 15 years. Yeah I used to be a barmaid but I'm a stay at home mum now just haven't updated my profile, but thanks for messaging me. X
  • Hi ya,
    Just thought I would come by and say Hello, I was I Kent for a few years, Rochester Chatham, Maidstone etc infact pretty much everywhere the River Medway flowed.
    What you up to tonight, I noticed your a barmaid, ate you not working tonight !