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  • Diddekoi is just a user name I came up with for this site. Obviously it refers to my Romany roots..
  • I also have a stylish ladies shopping bike Ive been tryin to get rid of.. ?
  • Oh hi! Just noticed the message below. Didn't see any other.
    Is there an easier way to chat? I'm happy to give my FB, email, mobile.

    Apart from your similar age and attractive photo?, im always keen to meet musicians, and am looking for friends who are experienced van dwellers as I may be doing that in the near future (I currently drive a landrover and live in a stable!).

    Much to talk about, I think?
  • I know there's not much info on my profile, maybe I'll fix that. But for now I can say I'm male, about your age, and about to move into a van. But mainly, I'm a musician.
    I'm keen to hook up with other musicians, experienced van dwellers.

    Of course, I'm drawn toward ladies with attractive profile pics?, But friendship is my only concern. Please feel free to ask more about me or for a pic. I currently drive a landrover and live in a stable?
  • Did you get my reply to this message? I'm not sure how this visitor message thing works :/
  • Do you mind if I say hello on a more personal level?

    I like the sound of your music tastes, and you play as well. I play guitar. What instrument do you play?