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  • Site is Thorpe Mill Farm, Thorpe, Ashbourne, DE6 2AX. Just turn up and set up camp, farmer either comes round and collects fees or you can go up to farm house and pay. It's fine to park by your tent. It really is just a field by a stream. It can get a bit crowded when the Bank Holiday campers arrive at the end of the week.
    • Hi oldKeith hope you are well. You've always been quite an articulate wise soul on here. Going to miss this place but life goes on. Im going to try and make it to Ashbourne I know the area as ive done a few festivals down there.... I just need to get my energy levels in tune for spending time with other humans.... it can overwhelm me at times. I will either be there or I won't... it will depend on how I feel. But if I do go... you and your wife will be welcome for a brew in my camper. :)
  • Hi simone,sorry to hear about your van,had the same problem with my first van,took it apart, an after it never ran again..
    I see you have been doing some internet selling courses,as you know i am into raw foods an superfoods an have been selling superfoods an tonic herbs at festivals here in spain for seven years or so,i have been thinking to take it to another level what that level is i have no clue,at the moment i am selling about €5000 per year,
    What do you advise,many thanks taz
  • Hi it's my land in Portugal!
    It's in fiais da Beira. Quite close to Tabua in central Portugal. My email is [email][/email]
  • Hey lady! Didn't know this bit existed, or I saw and forgot lol x I'm well thanks. Still doing some art pieces, but mainly for my own amusement and relaxation. I figured, I'm probably not going to become a famous artist, there's no point in putting so much pressure on myself to sell work, when what I'm doing doesn't seem to sell. I'm applying for a competition at our local gallery though, I entered two pieces, but I'm not expecting them to do much, its just nice seeing them hung up in a gallery ?

    Hows things your neck of the woods? Hope you're keeping well, and its sunny, its glorious here today x
  • lol tree:waves:i could be a circus freak,,,,,,,,,,:whistle:
  • Heya Treestump. Im doing good thanks. Loving my new job. Its just a traineeship/apprenticeship type setup so I only work 3 or 4 days a week, which suits me just fine :) Mainly managing woodland through coppicing and thinning.

    Just been up in Marsden for an Imbolc fire festival over the weekend. Feeling the effects of all the partying now tho.

    How have you been?
  • The hearts are needle felted not stained glass, because I want them to be safe to dangle off car mirrors and also as little wall hangings. I'm making them all first then got to attach beads etc ( hate doing the bead bit fiddly lol ) :)
  • Thanks Treestump, though I dont know what I did to deserve a hug it's appreciated; fell out with my other half and may have blown my chance of getting on a summer research project I was so rattled; all over a stupid netbook that i didnt want. Studying is going pretty well. Hows things with you?
  • Hiya Tree, thanks for your message, apart from stabbing my finer tons of times tonite making some small needle felted hearts to do a garland of them, I've been having a good day. I've been busy making rainbow wall hangings/ car window dangly things, going to put some of them on here once I've got them all finished and photographed. How life with you ? Jane x
  • All going to plan at the moment - apart from the thumb incident!
    I'll be on my way there in 20 mins :)
    Have a good weekend :) x
  • so sorry tree,i didnt know bout the cancer...:cry:
  • Good grief. I had no idea about Bowie until you told me. Im in total schock. I loved that guy :(
  • hey ttree im busier than usual with the flooding as my daughterlives in kirkstall xxx am stumped at the news about bowie:(
  • I in no way ment any disrespect or reference to any form of abuse or abusers. I was not sure what you ment by "amateur" Starling spoke of family members not talking to her dad and how it effects her and them. Hope I didn't rub a sore spot with you. It wasn't intended.
  • Thank you, Treestump hope you have a lovely xmas too xx
  • Hiya Treestump :) Thankyou for your kind words, hope all is well for you and yours too :) Been a very buzy summer with lots of doula clients so am looking forward to winding down the birth work over the autumn and winter and concentrating on reiki things for a bit :) Love Sarah xxx
  • couldnt see you on my fiends list:eek:...i put a plea in :D
  • Indeed I is, chilling within is needed for this hot July sun, here's hoping the same for you.:)
  • :D:waves:excellent pic tree cheers lass x x[IMG][/IMG]
  • *thanks for message*i wasnt feeling sparkley so cheered me up*had a good chat with a cat today!*is that your lovely dog in your picture?*happiness to you*x*
  • got clan due so i prob spend time cooking curry:D..i love my food and im feeling well again but dont mind a bit of pampering -lobo gets as much as me;)x
  • :waves:[IMG][/IMG] mornin tree :D:hippy:x
  • Awwww thank you ((Huggggs)))) bounce bouncie hahaha and it makes me happy and bright to meet such beautiful people and beautiful friends like you who make me happy and bounce bounce bouncie hahaha:)) ''''((Hugggs)))) xx
  • I absolutely LOVE Scotland, I've spent a few years messing about up there, Mainly The Caledonian Canal, and the West coast, Love it. What area do you spend your time in.
    BTW are you really an Artist, if so you are very lucky for ideas up there, Have you got Pixxes of your work !.
  • Hi ya,
    Just thought I would trundle by and say Hello, what you up to ?.
  • hi there just stopping by