Daisysmum Did drugs at university..

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  • Happy birthday sista!
  • Good luck with the challenge. Signed on behalf of my horse as I like to keep the taxman guessing. Didicoy Pinzgauer~steve x
  • Thanks again for the hug. I do appreciate that there was no hidden agenda it was just one of the nice things that happened to me today that cheered me up, like people giving me free tea (cafe tea is normally £1.45 and the guy at the burger van who gave me a cup for nothing was selling it for £1 - I must have looked very pathetic today) when I had no money AT ALL and it was chucking it down with rain.
    Best wishes and look forward to finding out what you are working on when you do share.
    Christine x
  • Hey D'SMum Sorry to hear that you have had a bit of a time of it recently and hope things improve. I sent you a hug and there was no agenda or conditions attached to said hug. I just sent you a hug because i like you. By that i dont mean I like you in a weird way LOL... I purely mean I just enjoy your thread comments and your input on the site.
    Im doing fine, have some ideas in the pipe line that im working on. I will share them with you guys when im a bit more further ahead with them but stay tuned.
    Anyways. speak soon and keep smiling :)
  • Hello Daisysmum.. Just sending you a big hug because i like you and only the worthy ones get one of my hugs :thumbup: Hope the study is going well... xx
  • Contemplated taking Daisy over with me, then discovered the sheer workload I will have and the price of accomodation; especially dog friendly accomodation which seems to be rare. Daisy did go to training but she isn't the greatest. We don't know what happened to her for 2yrs and she is your typical 'funny' dog. My husband can handle her but he has hip problems and Daisy put me into physio with my shoulders with her pulling.
    Going to miss the mutt, but I can't do this online. Aberdeen is nearest.
  • Yep Aberdeen Uni, not RGU. I was going to ask if anyone was in Aberdeen as I only know an old school pal who lives out at Cove Bay and my eldest stepson and his family who live out there too. At the minute I'm trying to suss out the halls and what ones are nearest the Macroberts Building where seemingly I will get most of my lectures. I did think I would be up at Foresterhill but seemingly they just bus us up occasionally (too many medical students to fit the medical science students all in the same place but as we end up there, it is done to make us feel at home when we do get there; they rely on a drop out rate from both sides to prune out the initial numbers). You must live in a very beautiful part of Aberdeen.
  • Take it its aberdeen uni not rgu?
    Im just round the corner from the uni. Walk puppy past the uni most days
  • Are you studying full time at aberdeen uni?
  • :waves:moening C :D ; leeds carny on way:hippy: