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  • Hey, we had a lovely time, thanks for asking. Friends over for Yule, xmas at the parentals and I don't even recognise New Year so I was in bed well before the bells!
    How about you guys?
    Is Conrad managing to get to work ok? You'll get snowed in pretty easily folks are the same, they're out your way. Oakley will be big enough to get out and mince about eating the snow though...what fun!

    Hope you are all well. Lotsa light x
  • thank you :) your support with the feeding and on the chicken pox thread is really helping me m'lovely :D
  • G'day Uma ... just want to let you know that I love your signature. If that was everyones mantra ... the world would be a peaceful place! :)
  • happy birthday naomi! hope you're having a lovely day :)
  • Hey winter, I never knew you were Buddhist too! Where about do you practice?
  • hello fellow Buddhist :waves:
  • this page is essentially like a facebook wall, chat chat chat, although the wall to wall thing isnt quite as fluid.

    yeha nomy makes me think of being 16 again. stupidly long ago!
  • I don't even know what this page is all about...!! And no, not really. I'm known as Naomi now. Its weird being called nomy nowadays-like visiting the past almost :)
  • no visitor messages! :eek:

    does anyone still call you nomy?