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  • Hello! I'm from Wallsend :) I used to volunteer at the WWT in Washington. Do you ever go there? :)
  • Afternoon Paul! Thank you for your message. I'm from Washington, so if you're from Sunderland I'm guessing you know where that is! Where abouts in Sunderland? And yes there most certainly is. Infact, the Sunderland bunch are having there monthly meeting tonight ironically. :) I have a question actually, can you please tell me know to leave a space when writing a message on here? Lots of Love, Chantelle.
  • :waves:

    Tyne and Wear... what part?
    Obviously as you can tell by my user name i'm a Sunderland Lad.
    Nice to have you on the board and you taught me something today... I never knew there was a Fetish Scene up in the North-East.

    Anyways... Keep well.
    Love... Paul.