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  • :Daww thanx-hes a hybrid wilf-aka a sarloos...stunnin boy:Doh.on the end at the right hand side thers a blue box in the bottom row of where you post-when you hover over it says insert video-do that before you paste.sorted-iv just learned myself:thumbup:right click your utube music..copy and click the insert video box ..right ckick box ,then copy.then ok......have ukh page ready first tho..
  • insert video be a good way to watch your music:waves:
  • good chooooons man:hippy:
  • ooh i will check for signs of life...:D
  • Yeah, Ange... can't quite figure this out yet. :panic:
    Don't help that I aint exactly Mr Technology when it comes to computors.
    Any tips as to where i'm going wrong? Been uploading/downloading 'em from anuvva forum i'm on.
    Ta... Paul.
  • hee hee no pic...i had loadsa trouble too mate