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  • lovely messages ether - i just taking time to get hang of this visitor message malarkey - because you don't get notifications of responses. So apologies for delay in replying xxx
  • Pray lighten my darkness, now what have I done???
  • nice one....."small people" liking that.....not letting the little fuckers get away with anything you couldn't get away with yourself :) You sound to have got it under control as thing I'll never understand is when grandmother allows herself to be a free carer/babysitter/nanny to enable daughter to pursue her interests and grandmere is mum twice over.....just seems like taking the piss somehow. Can't see anyone taking the piss out of you maam :) Filling forms: bloody nightmare....the reams and reams of paperwork I have had to fill in since I became ill - has been MOUNTAINOUS with crevasses, scree, ice sheets and sheer companies, DWP, hospitals, clinics, GPs, Council Offices, Pension providers, state pension, Inland Revenue and all of them trying to confuse, delay, obfuscate, lay traps etc etc. It's a fulltime job, .so - all the best with that etherea - hope it goes smoothly :) bye for now bud :hippy:
  • cool etherea - just got back in after a night out with friends (rare occurrence and a lovely evening) so apologies for delay in answering. Had a long day but was determined not to let anything stop me plans.....have a lovely sunday xxx
  • thanks etherea :)

    sorry I got ranty t'other day....I can be an evil fucker are a nice woman n I such have more respect.......

    btw I thought you might like this link.......I found it really inspiring, I get so tired of our 1st world selfishness when so many of our sisters are struggling with such core issues of dignity and care:

  • hi etherea.....I just twigged about visitor messages....well I think so........didn't realise it was a kind of conversation space....thought that was the Private Messaging is this conversation public then ?
  • Hi etherea,

    I hope you get this because I had an awful lot of trouble finding it! It seems hidden away and not in the usual inbox, bizarre.

    Anyway, thank you for your message and welcome, I think there are quite a few Scots on here, I've already encountered one or two! I'm looking forward to spending time on this site, it feels like there are many like-minded people here.

  • No probs. She just really annoys me off every time she's on and likewise I've told her the same. Tempted to be really nasty but that would drop down to her level.
  • Happy birthday you :).
  • Happy birthday!

  • You are very welcome matey!
  • Greetings Etherea! Hope all is well! Love and peace. X :waves:
  • I hope your move goes smooth Etherea! Enjoy everything! Love, peace and enlightenment! :waves:
  • Greetings Etherea! I hope you are having a fantastic new year so far! :waves:
  • Hey ,goodmorning to you :waves:
  • i love antony..took a while but the magick was strong,:D
  • whoohoo:waves:much underestimated singer,love his stuff with antony hegerty and the johnsons