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  • hiya perthy hows life treating you hunny
    hope all is well
    hugs sensi
  • :P you groovy padster?
  • and the quality of the subject being snapped:p
  • if you've got a good enough camera;) :whistle:
  • a reshooting of what?? :P
  • poorly showing what?:whistle::p
  • damn it! i ran out of credit to answer!!:curse:
    will get some :P
  • not fair.... must move back north then...have a good time in Yorkshire...i`m a lancashire lass myself....
  • thankyou x x x x have a good day even though its raining!!!!
  • :eek:
    Chewie with a monocle :D I'd have liked to see his eye test.
  • :hippy: morning flower :sunflower:sunflower have a wonderful sunday :hug:and something to match the change in the weather! :hippy3:
  • hope you have a great gig! and a good night.(dont do anything i wouldnt do:p)
  • long have you bin a mod? :D
  • hiya hun did you get a tent as my youngest just informed me he has a really small two man he has only used twice he was going to sell on for 15quid cost 59.99
    let me know ill measure it
  • will send you some pics in a bit hun when don comes and she says if your interested she would drop price if it was out of your price range no probs
  • your avatar must do that on [I]everyones [/I]profile and all the forum rooms! ;) he a complete slut lol! :p.the weathers really nice where i am.went out this mornin nearly got sunburnt..
  • oh.sorry to hear the sun out where you are? because that may help.your avatar makes me laugh btw..its hilarious.:angel:
  • nice findings:D..yeh im in a pretty good mood today ta.n doing really bout urself?
  • you also get a ground sheet for the porch which we fit two suitcases in so its roomy
  • tent not heavy at all size in bag lenth 2ft and width its 7 inch wodth so its quite compact
    fibre glass poles pro active professional 2 man tent
    used once just for sleeping in

    tent size once up
    height 130 cms
    width 170 cms

    hope that helps hunny
    length 350 cms
  • liking them,but what are they exactly?
  • Can you leave it with me and I'll measure it tomorrow
    It's not too big or heavy how you going to be travelling Hun
  • Meant to say Hun the tent is double skin and quite light x
  • very very..;)
  • Brilliant, thank you! Surprised that I didn't find this when I was searching the other night!

    Just read the first link and he's saying the stuff I've been wondering about but couldn't find - all my searches turned up was a lot of congratulatory 'isn't it fab' blurb - and a lot of complaints about people having their invites 'disappeared' by the mothership..

    Thank'ee kindly Mr Perthite! :waves:
  • I do indeed!
  • [SIZE=5][COLOR=indigo][URL=""]HADDOCK![/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • belated happy bday bro
  • night you!!!
  • Muwhahahahahahaha! I slept like a log!