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  • Hello, me neither. I've been away from this site for over a year, I've been busy creating the Thanet Environmental Network as well as reporting from Copenhagen and finding myself in a couple of riots! Hope you are cool! :)
  • Ha ha! I aim to please!
  • Hey you :D :D :D
    long time no chat ,
    hows tricks matey ?
  • I'm not bad ta, hubby's been a work a year now, god i think that was the last time we had a really good chat wasn't it? god its gone so fast!!! yes you should really get back online again, you never finished showing me your Thailand photos. I'm off to my youngests christmas play tonight. Your mug sounds wicked, i'd love one that changes colour.
  • ello, mister, where you been hiding??
  • Fair enough mate it is very personal, :)

    Well good luck with Ruby! (Nutter :P) And with finding a ladee.. maybe not one called Ruby though.... you need to break the cycle.. lol!
  • Thank you! F is doing really well at school, reading, writing, algebra for homework! :eek: She is also learning the violin, and is rather good at it :D

    Sorry to hear about your mate, he seemed like a lovely bloke, fooking k, it's bad stuff :(

    Ruby, that's my mums name, but it is a good name! lol! How long have you been playing for?
  • A bit stressed with my final year... looks like I will be doing my PhD @ Sussex after all! THings are on the up and up! :D
  • Boo! How are you?