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  • Got a van yet?
    Just done IOW and Glastonbury festies in the van. It really is a home from home and I learn something new about it every day. MOT'd last month it has developed a couple of problems in the 600 miles I've done so far so back into the garage and a well earned rest until Trowbridge methinks!
  • hey nice to meet you! that's awesome, where are you based? :D hope you're havin a lovely evening!x
  • Hi Eli, rather than start a new thread ( it's not a live in Nomadic van, more of a 'weekend warrior' :D), i've put some photos of the different configs in my photobucket acc. and put the link on the original thread for you.
    If i was starting a build from scratch i would probably have the side seating benches as double hinged (in the middle) fold downs so you would have more space in the back when using it as a van.
  • It's very 'Folky' and rather more 'mainstream' than Sunrise. I enjoyed both but for different reasons. I might try Sunrise again as didn't really get to do much last year coz of the torrential downpour and being back in a tent rather than in a van was a first for a long time!
  • Last year I did Sunrise, Trowbridge Village Pump & Beautiful Days. I try and do different ones every year except for Trowbridge which I do regularly!
  • I do a couple of festivals in Wiltshire & Somerset every summer so I'll give you a shout if I'm passing so you can grab some ideas from the van. It's a factory conversion but I have a couple of simple ideas of a foldaway bed across the back of a van if I was to build from scratch!