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  • Thanks UJ for the heads up re Midnight Oil.Just listening to it now on playback.xo
  • Hi both, I read somewhere that you were headed south? I'd love to meet up with you both. If you fancy it let me know. I'm in Spain on Saturday and will be in south west Portugal till probably the new year. On my phone and can't seem to send you a message. If you send one to me I'll give you my mobile number. Jx
  • :hippy:a very accurate portrayal uncle:Di well remember wondering if i would ever be able to pet him,a work in progress still
  • sheila C has a sad story ;she cant speak or sing;think its called burnt throat syndrome such a beautiful voice too
  • good tunes taste :Dthanks uncle its good to share:hippy:
  • :waves:thanks pal:D
  • hi uncle-great whale story:waves::hippy:would have loved to see that
  • Hey, that's cool.
    Did your tomorrow mean today? .....or tomorrow tomorrow??!!! No worries though.... Let me know when's good!
    Enjoy your soup and reading :)
  • Hey Uncle J,
    I think you said in some of your posts that you are mostly bimbling about at this time of year, so just thought if at any point you fancied a dog stroll in the northants/north beds region, then I am up for a mooch about! I messaged similar to Groove a couple of weeks ago, but not met up yet.
    Just checked out the dates that oldkeith posted, for suggested meetings, but hadn't realised they.didn't go past Christmas! Have you all met up again since the first one? Must get my arse in gear and get out more! Here's my number, if that's easier anyway....... 07594295855
    Whatever though, no hassle :o) rosie