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  • Hello Me 'ole Dude.........fancy meeting you here.. must stop meeting like this :eek:
  • Morning ZZ22, :waves:
    :book:I read about you/your family being Evicted from your 'Home' by the Church ..no less :eek: Shame on them :damn: You/Yours have my Empathies :rolleyes:
    Things may be tough to begin, but you'll all settle in time enjoying Freedoms from trappings:woohoo:
    Solution being to take the Plunge as you say :S The waters Very Warm, Favourable & 'Comforting'. :D

    :D Perhaps its turned Out to be MORE of a :angel: BLESSING in Disguise & NOT a :curse:CURSE as was thought.
    I'm sure the kids will love the Free Spirited Adventures, being raised in Nomadic Lifestyle & Animals'll Adapt & You'll be Together :wub:

    When you reach a Blip..:( There's only One Way to go after that.. ^^^ :whistle: ^^^ UPPPPP :sunflower :thumbup:
    :calmdown: Try to take things easy, 1 Day at a time & You'll 'Get There' & Go On to Live a Richer, Satisfying, Rewarding, Happier Lifestyle, In Touch with All that is Natural :thumbup:

    'Best Wishes' & 'Safe Journey' :peace: Joy & Happiness FPG x :flower: