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  • You back yet?Theres a spaniel 2 year old called pemba missing in your mountain walkies area.Dogs lost North Wales got the poster.Black speckled.22 May is a longshot as probably gone if out still,but never can tell.
  • ha ha i was wondering how you are getting on with all the cold and snow but have realised that you are away in the warm!Hope you are well and having a good time.Make the most of it.Snowdonia resembles a deep freeze at present,tho the big ones look stunning and very close from the smaller tops in the east.
    • Hi yea had a great trip spent a fortnight cycling in the Atlas mountains, Warm n sunny
      quite like the cold weather long as its dry.
      It really is a fantastic place this North Wales
      Take care
  • welcome history,you wont stay lonely long:):hippy: