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  • Just leaving this hello on your wall, in case you come back to the forum now it is here again. Would love to get back in touch. 😊
  • Hi, Twister sent me your way :D she said you made her daughter's pixie hooded cardigan, how much would the same be in age 6-12 months?

  • On May 6th....

  • hi jo just thought id drop by and say hi we havent had a chat in ages
    hope all is going well for you
    take care love and hugs sensi
  • i`m very well....congrats on the not smoking...I know how hard it is...just a day at a time. or an hour or a minute at a time when it gets bad .... good luck x x x x
  • hi nice to see you again.... how are you x x
  • Hi Jo, thank you for contacting me to add me as a friend. Your dog Molly looks beautiful. Lots of Love Misscpb xxx
  • Hi hunny thanks for your crimbo card
    Hope you have a great time over crimbo and new year
    You take care love sensi
  • Yep. I've been awake since 6am when Jon went to work.

    Are you going to be going to Gayles meet up in Bristol? She did email you about it didn't she?
  • Indeed....and likewise; rudeness is increasingly the order of the day it seems :S Hey ho :) There are still some polite folks here :D
  • :D Well thank ye kindly miss :D ;)
  • Hello lovely lady, Thank you for my swap!! It just arrived, it's beautiful! :hug: Am wearing it now :) Hope you have a nice weekend xXx
  • *bounces up and down* I'll let you know when it's here xxxx
  • [COLOR=magenta]Hello lovely! I worked out how to do it :) xxx[/COLOR]
  • Thank you for your kind words, its nice to know that there are so many lovely people on here. Just need to take some time to gather my thoughts and work out what i'm going to do. xxxx
  • Yesterday Andy Thimbleberry was arrested for allowing people to smoke cannabis on his premises during the festival. He was yesterday formally charged and is due to appear in court on this charge early December.
    As part of the production team I am waiting to see if I get arrested for aiding and abetting the smoking of cannabis on the festival site.

    I wonder how this will effect any festival in the future as it will set the president that any person allowing a festival to happen on their land will or could be charged with the same offense.

    So what do people think about this news?????????

    to say the least of my feelings I'm gutted and very pissed off :wall: :curse:

    Please log onto Andy Thimbleberry's face ache and give him support he really needs it, his facebook name is Andy Thimbleberry.

    Thanks for your support
  • hope things are a bit better today jo, is you ever wana chat msn me [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] xxxx
  • Oh jo! I am sooooo sorry :hug: that sounds utterly pants! families dont tend to be the most understanding either, usually when you need them to be. I really wish I could help cant really give you any advice but am sympathising with you big time lovley lady, hope tomorrow is a better day xxxxxx
  • ooo!! how did you do? I know how horrible it is I took 5!!!!!!! we are good ta, busy and tired, Jims son lived with us now so a bit of a crash course lesson in step parenting! hope you good anywayxx
  • hiya lovely,how are you doing? noticed you not been too good recently thinking of you Vxxxxxx
  • thanks sweetie love ya loads
  • Yay, how exciting :D
    Izzy's gonna be soooo snug!
  • Awww...Blessings and thanks...x
  • You're very intuative!
  • :waves:Happy thursday x x x x i found the smiley button !
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww isn't that just the nicest thing :) thank you so very muchly XXXXXXXXXX :hug:
  • I'm going to have to get a supply of worms now to keep him fed :D
  • Awwwww :D
  • Ive seen some of them :) I dident know what are , :) cool
  • Thank you darlin xxx . the things baffle me , I believe they are spirits , i dont care what anyone else thinks ,:)