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  • [URL]http://www.ukhippy.com/stuff/showthread.php?60305-Spring-Has-Sprung-all-welcome-bring-a-picnic[/URL]:waves:
  • heh im so loved up i just sent me a message-look after yaself,cluck cluck pa and brood...ASE.xxx
  • hey pa B....visit greendale for a lovely pic and a clashington thank you ...:D and mine too ...
  • Hi Bungo , hows it going this Sunday afternoon .:)
  • Good Morning Bungo, :hippy:

    I hope you're all keeping warm & your boiler is behaving itself... :whistle::D
    Thank You for your sentiment & empathy with regard to my ongoing 'boiler' situation... :wall: Brrrrrrr :xsnowball

    My Landlord told me not to say anything to the Plumber, for taking his time in fetching the part, to fix things, as he's had some problems...

    If the Plumber does'nt come after all of this waiting for 9 day's of a Siberian cold spell, without any heat or hot water...
    Legal Action will ensue... :rtfm::shitfan: I dislike being at the mercy of Cretans, unable to walk a mile in my shoes... :damn: :whack:

    ...And, I'm hoping not to have to keep feeding the gas meter £40 per week, as the boiler ought to be running properly & efficiently :confused:

    Thanks Bungo, I will keep you posted :whistle: Please enjoy your day & stay wrapped up too :thumbup: FPG x
  • Hi Bungo :waves:

    Thanks for your message re whether I have had the boiler sorted out yet... Sadly the answer is NO... :(

    However, I have been promised that it will happen later, on Wednesday around 10.30am... :rolleyes:
    Seeing's believing :whistle: As some tell you what they think you want to hear, simply to 'Fob You Off' don't they...
    If the plumber turns up, fixes the boiler, gives me some heat & hot water again, I will be a very happy bunny :)
    I will then add a post to the thread for everybody to read, that I'm sorted again... :pp & deliriously & :insane:ly happy
    If he doesn't show... :whip: I aim to kick some ass... :curse:
    Apologies mate for not replying last night, as I spent the day in Liverpool, it got me out of the 4 cold walls. :thumbup:

    Hope all is well with you & yours mate :D

    Cheers for your thoughts & interest... Nice One Bungo :happydanc FPG x :flower:
  • Hi Mr B. I haven't forgotten about the bottles! Have you still got them? I was due to visit Crick in the weekend just gone but the roofers have only just finished ( 3 months to do a 4 week job :S ) and due to a cockup of theirs I now have two rooms to redecorate in the top floor flat after they left it leaking one weekend!
    Hope to pop by in about 4 weeks or so. Hope you are both well. H x.
  • just checked...its dirty sleety cold... lol lobo can flexi leash wee in the garden ASE:D:waves:
  • hello my bro B my hectic schedule is interfering with my ukh and fishdom... big smiles to you ASE xx
  • Was that the one where you promised to lend me £50k Interest free until my next heart attack? :D
  • According to the weather forecast i've just seen , you've got a night of heavy snow on the way. Stay warm and safe mate. Hope you, Ma & all the creatures are ok,:thumbup: :panic:.
  • Oh no are you saying it's all down to the bees, I'll have a look, I'm waiting for the giant child to return so he can talk down to me with the disdain of youth:eek:Not sure if my paws are developed enough for phone tech, but child will do it all for me with a sigh. Have taken lots of pics of my lap and the yard :D but can not connect it to broadband:D
  • I am going to have them next week, just before my big night out :clap:
  • Yes thank you, I have even written it down so I never lose it....... till next month. Cheers me dear
  • Dear Mr Bungo,

    Can you please put your sprout recipe up? I cannot find it now. Cheers me dear :D
  • Thanks mayfly
    Maybe we should start a Father Bungos confessional thread, and a how do I stop myself making off thread comments thread:D
  • Yeah sure if I can be your friend:D
    I have done some naughty things and others that only I knows about I hope, so they don't fit into the unmentionable cat, but there are the things I've done whilst sober..........:S
  • hehe Makes me feel naughty :D
  • OMG! have you posted on the quiet peeps who dont dink forum :eek: becareful out there
  • For goodness sake do not get confused:eek:, no worries I;m sure sbd will land sometime, any way we guided the thread back home :D cant be flying all the time in the same direction :cool:
  • SDB :eek:
  • Happy New Yr to you Mr. Bungo :thumbup:
  • Thats ok, I was only saying I want a chicken...lol .. They are sooo cute. Thanks anyway for letting me know.
    Happy new year to you x
    Kat xx
  • Cheers. I managed to escape my alien abductors and am back. Hope you have a good one tonight. All the best , H :)
  • wow-i will help you carry the raita,so i can sneak some ,hello from steph my sis and have yself the best night ,im off to greendale for choc popcorn with my virtual soulmate:obut dont tell,lol.x
  • seeing as youre my true friend i would be honoured B :D
  • hey ma and pa B:waves:am here with me sis,we wish u all the love n peace u want,n then some,the dale is blossoming thanx for ya kind advice bungo,my heart is braver-happy new year mate Ang.xx
  • awe the best to you and yours
  • thankyou sweetheart you are very kind
    i wish only the best for you and yours this coming year x x x x and always
  • thanks fur accepting