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  • Am doing PD, the good people and good discussions we have on here far outweigh the bad. The comment was much appreciated.
  • Hi Clayman ..... Ignore him mate, he'll go away soon enough. I don't like censorship, but in this case I think a banning from the forum is called for ... keep the faith and we'll be back to normal soon enough I'm sure.
  • 20-25 year old men have heart attacks and die because of the drug . Do you get it?
  • If you dont overdose, you will have a few years to live by smoking it. In Turkey 20-25 year old men are dying because of the drug.
  • You can even die at your first time smoking it.
  • You can even overdose and die on synthetic weed. It is easy to overdose also.
  • What you cant get it is synthetic weed is a deadly drug. It kills the user, do you get it? You are dead in a few years with the drug. Alcohol is nothing like that. Why cant you get it?