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  • Hey Up what you doing :waves:
  • What you up to quiet Gongarde :waves:
  • Evening Mr Gongorde what you do in :waves:
  • Hello Hello what you doin :waves:
  • Hey up mister how goes it :D
  • hi , sorry to hear about your legs < I'm still travelling though no longer in the uk where folks can sit on their arses drinking T waiting for the giro to be cashed .. & i spend what spare time I have finding an open wifi signal to keep my website archive upto date , for which I ask folks before uploading their images (and remove any of my own if vehcile owners object..) so nievely espect the same consideration from other folks ..
  • Nag
    Gongorde the quiet
  • Hello hello been watching too much telly and need saving, how are you three doin? It has been very quiet over there, hope everyones okay, talk anyway, and I;ve found some new pics one has a best mate from infant skool, god watch chance had I?? give us a shout
    nosey bagage MF :D
  • [video=youtube_share;Q0-94s4NFBw]http://youtu.be/Q0-94s4NFBw[/video]
  • Yo hO are you all festering:reddevil:?? failed at spotify got to get child to assist :D
  • Okay I;ll have a go this weekend, hey praise that cat, Little Lizzy the mouser :Dshe is the pud, any plans for a light wander next year ? The Baggage X:ppp
  • [URL]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2246418/Punks-video-games-kids-just-hanging-How-Paparazzo-Peterborough-documented-life-town-70s-80s.html[/URL]
    Thought you guys would like this :waves:
  • Nite Nite All :waves:
  • Heehee I think you might be maybe 3 years old at a guess, dunno why, I have equally ancient pics, you are being touchy, mind I'm as bad always lie about my age not sure why :D
  • It seems familar I'll ask my mum if we ever went to see santa, was that the shop with a pet shop on the top floor or I might be mixing up with Northampton there, amaz that you and your wife have same pic mega coincendence :eek:
  • Good pic you look super happy at meeting the big guy, well ancient pic where was it taken?
  • Stay free man :D
  • Ah I bet you are relieved I am was concerned bout you being in the house unsupervised god knows what chaos you've caused ! Glad she home hope you two and naugghty pud have a cosy quiet weekend MF x
  • What you doin I'm watch c5 there is a daft film on think there is c5 plus one hour too, I is the telly facist:ppp I tell you, how is it going bet your all tierd out havin to keep house, hope you and yours is okay MF :waves:
  • Hi hows it going ? Hope your getting some rest too, hope Julie is feeling a bit brighter today, presume she is in the vic and trust she has a bed with a good view. say ello to naughty kittie Lizzie bossy you about soon MF X :waves:
  • Are you sayin, time for a holiday in the sun, I'll have to get some lottery tickets :waves:
  • Hi there was thinking of you two today, glad the op went well although as I'm sure you know takes awhile to get all that anesthetic out of the system. Got to take the postives if it was really bad they would had said so things must be a lot bright, so sez nurse bossy boots, spect your still extra worried, it just ain't right not having your partner by your side. Are you visting tomorrow? Send all the best wishes MF
  • Oh you are kind for such a pest, have a good weekend, I'm a merlin addict most excitement I get of an evening, apart from will this message be on my page or yours lol only jokin bout the pest always good to chat MF :)
  • Hi thats bad news but I'm sure if you look at the postives, it only might be and if it is diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible are the best way, I know you will have thought all that through and still be really worried, so all I can say is hope it goes as well as poss and do not forget to talk as it is a worring time for both of you. Thinking of you both MF X Let me know whats going on you know I'm always here boring bag that I am
  • Hi no why MF :eek:
  • Been okay north wales was fine and sunny today so that was good got out and about, Hope you three are doing fine up there in the pool, upto aught or just enjoying the winter cosy up??? Asks the nosy bag :reddevil:MF
  • [COLOR=#0000ff][SIZE=5][FONT=comic sans ms][B]WhatsZup ?[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :waves:
  • Hiya Gongorde this is redsunflower sorry its taken ages to get back but. bouts of being on the site....I visited Blackpool for the illuminations and visited family in St.Annes oh i could have visited you both, ???? Blackpool is very trippy during the lights the pleasure beach a light...the peirs and fireworks....the tower! its mad! and that evening the weather was very mild The lights are to Lancashire as Glastonbury Fest to Somerset!...........Fab Sunsets over the Fylde Coast....blessings......
  • Wow brilliant news for little Lizzie, will she ever be allowed out again? so glad that she has done so well must be down to ypu twos attention and care so well done. Yeah think some got it and others do not think it through lol. Though has grown to quite a big thread, so well done :D Hope your ready for these cold days that are coming at the weekend. At least it will be brighter than it has been,:cool: chat soon
  • Ha thought it had all gone quiet well no naggy bag is back, glad all is on the mend with the patient, hope she makes a full recovery, and hope you two are able to get a bit of relaxation away from your medical comitments. just glad everything is looking brighter chat soon MF xxx